Making Money in the Long Run
6th September 2010
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On Tuesday last week I had a meeting with Jonathan Davis and we were talking about finance and wealth management.  Jonathan is a prominent IFA, often interviewed on TV, Radio and the local or national press.

You can only be impressed by his passion and knowledge for his subject - Wealth Management.  When he made the following statement, I wanted to know more:

"The way to make money in the long run is not to lose it after you've made it."

Obviously you could argue that it's easy to say, but how can it be done?

Jonathan Davis WM is a leading firm of Independent Financial Advisors acting for high net worth clients.  Over the last 3 years when individuals and families have been losing money, Jonathan's clients haven't.  So how does he do it?

Jonathan doesn't tell clients what they want to hear, he tells them what they need to hear.  His views aren't populist, but they have proven accurate and as one of his many happy clients said; "It all happened as you said it would."

Jonathan Davis WM are a fee based IFA managing portfolios from £250,000 - £10,000,000 plus, so not for everyone.

Definitely one to talk to if you want proven, independent, accurate advice and you want someone to manage your wealth.

For more information:

0845 862 2919

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