Car Boot or Ebay?
18th August 2009
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Car Boot or ebay?

I've got so much accumulated stuff, I can't get into the garage and the loft isn't much better.  So should I "car boot" or ebay?

For more years than I can remember, I have been meaning to get rid of a lot of my unwanted things (rubish) at a car boot sale, but somehow never got round to it.  (You will understand how long this is when I tell you that this was in the days before ebay).

When ebay came along, I was then going to get rid of things via the net, but that hasn't happened either.  What has happened however, is the garage is full to bursting with 2 bunk beds, four bikes, 2 sets of golf clubs, filing cabinets and just about everything that might come in useful one day.  Some of it going back 10 or even 20 years!  I've got toys in the garage which Liz doesn't want to get rid of just in case of visiting grandchildren.

That's fair enough seeing as the boys are now 24 and 21 respectfully, but in truth, some of the toys are as old as the boys and by the time we find them under all of the other rubbish, the grandchildren will have had their own children!

On Sunday, I visited a couple of local car boot sales for the first time in Harlow and Waltham Abbey to get a feel for what they were like.

My first impression was that they were both well organised and well attended.  The stuff for sale was varied and some of my rubish compared quite well with the things on sale.  (one man's rubish is another man's fortune on Antiques Roadshow).

My dilemma is - should I bite the bullet and commit to a car boot or emrace technology and try out ebay?  It could be fun selling your goods face to face, but do I really want to hang around all day in the sun, wind or even worse rain.

On the other hand, ebay is in the comfort of your own home, but then you've got to keep going down to the post office or waiting for parcelforce to send off your goods.

What am I going to do, car boot or ebay?  I know I've got to do something.


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