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I used the DBS "Build to Order" service to ensure that my computer systems does what I wanted from the outset and you don’t have to rely on costly upgrades at a later stage. Also all of their systems have a 2 year Standard parts and Labour Warranty. It is refreshing to be able to walk through the door and get assistance, rather than try to get help from some faceless inarticulate person who spend your phone bill asking stupid questions
I had a problem with my pc that pc world didn't fix after 5 atempts and £120 ! DBS did it first time same day for £30 ! top man Dave all the best Mike..
I had a problem with my laptop. My hard drive was full, but I couldn't see how. Dave found that my present virus protector was riddled with a virus! I gave the machine to Dave at 10am and it was back with me by 1.00pm the same day. Not only did he solve the problem, but he also installed another FREE anti-virus for me. Good work and great service. (Obviously he did a great job otherwise I wouldn't be able to give this testimonial)
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