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Doorstep Library
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Doorstep Library is a literacy charity that believes in the power of words to take children places, not just in their imagination, but in their lives.

The Doorstep Library want to see a world where all children can thrive in homes in which books are celebrated and a love of reading is embraced.

With one in four 11 year old's leaving primary school unable to read or write properly, they recruit and train volunteers to go into some of the most disadvantaged areas in London to help introduce young children (aged 0-11 years) to the pleasure of reading.


Other literacy charities get books into homes; Doorstep Library’s unique home-based service means they are there in person, finding the most appropriate books for every child they visit, and building a relationship with the whole family.

Their projects not only improve literacy and confidence in children, but they increase family well-being and bonding through the joy of sharing stories. This kind of tailored support enables Doorstep Library to help prepare children for school and broaden their opportunities in life.


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