Wormholt Park Community Association
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The Wormholt Park W12 community want to make the park a better place for all of our children. Thebestof Hammersmith and Fulham is delighted to help this new community organisation achieve its goals. If you're a parent, a wildlife lover, a dogwalker, a sportslover living around Wormholt Park, then join this group.


Friends of Wormholt Park is established to develop park
facilities in 2011 - with funding promised from Hammersmith
and Fulham Council.

Why have Friends Group?

A new Friends of Wormholt Park has been established following dialogue between a group
of local residents and the Council about how to improve the park for all stakeholders. The
aim of the new Friends Group is to improve the park both in the short term and over 1-3
year development plan.

Hammersmith and Fulham Council has green lit funding to spend in 2011 to develop
Wormholt Park's facilities with implementation starting towards the end of the year.

Membership of the Friends Group is open to all and has a Facebook page as well as a site
on www.thebestofhammersmithandfulham.co.uk


Election to Friends of Wormholt Park Committee

Working as a team, lead by the Chair, there are SEVEN posts open to election:

1. Chair: a figurehead for the group, leading the committee and overseeing all activities

2. Vice Chair: work with, and stand-in for Chair; particular responsibility - developer liaison

3. Secretary: key position responsible for membership, H&F council liaison, records and

4. Treasurer: responsible for fundraising, financial recordkeeping and presentation of accounts

5. User Group Co-ordinator: oversee consultation process and liaison with all user groups

6. Nature & Wildlife Officer: promotion and event organisation for nature and wildlife

7. Events Officer: lead role, working with a team to organise parks 100th celebration


Nomination is only open to members of Friends of Wormholt Park
Anyone can be a member of Friends of Wormholt Park – join by going to:

Facebook page Friends of Wormholt Park, or

contact Acting Secretary – details below

Members can self-nominate themselves for up to 2 posts. Councillors or employees of H&F council
cannot stand. The constitution prevents 2 committee members living at the same address.

Nominations must be sent by post or email stating which position(s) they wish to stand for.
Nominees must detail in no more than 50 words what they would contribute to the committee
and why they think they would be good in that post.
Send nominations to:

Clare Fuchs
Acting Secretary
Friends of Wormholt Park
57 Sawley Road
London W12 0LQ


Nominations close on Tuesday 22 March 2011

All signed up members of the Friends of Wormholt Park will be sent voting papers by post on
24 March. The voting papers will be anonymous though designed to prevent duplication. Voting
papers must be returned by post to the Acting Secretary no later than midday 7 April 2011.

Everyone who nominated themselves will be contacted to be told of the results by 9 April 2011.
The full results will be publicised to members and be placed on the website and within the park.

First Committee Meeting

The person elected as Chair will convene the first Committee meeting before Easter!

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