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About a year ago I decided I needed to push my business up to the next level. Randomly, and fortunately, I met Tony Harris as he works in my neighbourhood. We got chatting and he mentioned he was a photographer and I mentioned I was a Pilates teacher. He told me he had photographed numerous fitness trainers and health clubs. Immediately I organised a meeting to view his works and I was instantly impressed. I have had three photo shoots with Tony and I can honestly say he translated exactly what I was looking for in my website shots: If it wasn't for Tony I believe my website would not look as professional as it does. The pictures are outstanding! He is very easy to work with and gives precise direction to capture the mood and look of the shoot.
Testimonial for Tony Harris (Photography) Tony recently took some studio portrait photographs of me for promotional purposes. Like a lot of people I hate being photographed, and I never like the results, especially as I get older! Tony did an amazing job of making me feel comfortable and took great care over the choice of backgrounds and lighting as well suggesting the best wardrobe for me. All I can is say I was delighted with the end result. His direction and the way he put me at ease was excellent too. In fact the whole experience was far more fun than I was expecting. On another project where we worked together I was incredibly impressed with Tony’s attention to detail and the way he asked all the right questions of the client about the venue, how we could get the best results from available light or explaining how he could use artificial light in really creative way. Tony’s portfolio speaks for itself. From portraiture to amazing room scenes, from stunning food shots to fashion events – his work is consistently high quality. Tony is incredibly experienced in all these fields and knows how to excel and how to deliver beyond the client’s expectations. Yours sincerely
I’ve known Tony as a professional for many years and my consistent experience of him is that he can be relied upon for an unusual mixture of creativity, insight, technical and practical skills. His insights into what his client really wants and needs, beyond the written brief, combined with his long experience and deep technical expertise adds real value. His ability to resolve every challenge through a combination of charm, diplomacy and suggestions of practical resolutions give him a unique edge over many others I have worked with. Tony is a pleasure to work with at every level and delivers results you can rely on. I commend him to you.
"I have worked with Tony for many years and continue to do so. He delivers top class creativity without the over inflated price tag or the artistic temprament! During my tenure as Marketing Director EMEA for Millennium and Copthorne, we used Tony extensively throughout the UK, France and Germany for everything from lifestyle shoots with models, food photography and wedding and events brochures right through to individual hotel rack brochures.He works well with creative designers but also, Tony's ability to absorb and assimilate brand values and a creative brief, means he can be trusted to deliver outstanding photography even if working completely alone; as was the case when we sent him to the (almost complete) Royal Palm in the Galapagos Islands where even I was not able to accompany him! Tony will become an invaluable part of your team and I have no hesitation in recommending his work to you."
"Natural partnerships 'happen' - they are not contrived. So it was when I worked with Tony on Eating for England. Ideas and solutions spiralled into place." Anne Menzies, Eating for England
"We were very impressed with Tony's previous experience and his enthusiasm for the job made us feel secure in our choice. Tony came into the hotel on several occasions prior to the shoot to make himself familiar with the property, us and our requirements. Throughout the shoot he was extremely patient with the fact that we are a 24/7 business and not everything would go according to plan. Obviously what matters the most at the end of the day is the end result...the images are stunning" Helena Lundberg. London Hilton on Park Lane - Marketing and Communications Executive
"At Folio Hotels we were looking for a specific type of style that was very different to the normal hotel shot. A style that would become a signature for Folio Hotals. The results were just amazing. Tony was great to work with as he took on board my comments throughout the shoot and together with his vast experience we produced some great shots - just what I wanted" Mark Taylor Folio Hotels - Director of Marketing
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