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I have had a cripplingly painful back for well over 18 months. I've been to oesteopaths, chiropractors, reflexologists, acupuncturists - pretty much everyone - with no success whatsoever. After my first massage @ sabaileela, I woke up the next day with no pain whatsoever. Absolutely incredible. Although the pain has returned midly, it is now 2 weeks since my massage and I am about to go back and start a regular course to keep it at bay.
Pleasantly Surprised...! I noticed this spa when it opened and went in. Everyone was very friendly and I have to admit that the quality of the services and thai-inspired environment was excellent. Will definitely be coming back.
perfect place to relax I stumbled on to this spa one day after some windsurfing lessons. My body was aching and didn't think twice. Probably one of my best instantaneous decisions! The sauna and steam room were just what i needed to releave some tension in my body. However, nothing could compete against the intensity of the actual massage (i liked it strong). The whole experience was so relaxing and enjoyable (not to mention the price) that i have been going back ever since on a regular basis. Not only that, but I have also treated my mother and sister a couple of times when they have been in town. I highly recommend the place!
By far the best in london service was excellent, the steam and sauna was amazing. the showers were powerful and so relaxing after my thai yoga massage. my therapist was so sweet, and i really enjoyed her company. thank you for such a relaxing massage, and a good workout! i will definitely be rebooking soon for some sabai love. xxx
Love spa - I am 50 yo, me and my wife love Thai massage, we have been many spas in London and also in Thailand. This place Sabai Leela one of the best real massage, service was excellent,and we love there thai herbal products. it made us feel like we were in Thailand. I will coming back sure!!
Quick, easy and very well done I spent all morning looking online for a place to get my Brazilian wax done, but settled on Sabai Leela because it was fairly close. I am so glad I did, because this was one of the nicest waxes I've had done. The esthetician was very quick and professional, and the atmosphere was lovely. Also, it was very affordable, not the cheapest place in London but well worth the extra 10 quid. Highly recommended!!!
Little Oasis in Earls Court Definitely one of the best kept secrets in Earls Court. The staff were friendly and attentive, the atmosphere was lovely and the massage was first rate. Highly recommended..!
best Hollywood ever! I had my first ever hollywood wax about a month ago and am going to go back again and again from now on! Aliya did the wax for me and she was amazing, she knew it was my first time and really put my mind to rest and made the whole experience a LOT easier! Aliya was extremely professional and efficient and I have already recommended her to my friends.
Best Thai Message I have been to a few places in London and New York as I split my time between the two. I have to say this is the best place to unwind after a flight or a long week. For the quality of service I find it much cheeper than what I am used to paying and pretty convinient to get to.
Memorable Chest and Abs Wax - So my gf wanted me to try waxing my chest and after a long debate I gave in. After reading some reviews I decided to visit a local spa called Sabai Leela over my lunch. It was cool because the staff joked that male customers are very common and make the process very simple and easy. After the night I had with my gf I just might be back soon...
The BEST massage I have ever had... I had a Body Bliss Package bought as a gift and will be returning even though it is nowhere near my home!.My skin looked and felt amazing, the therapist was really lovely and if you ever feel like having the best massage of your life ask for Jimmy. I have had many massages before and this topped them all. Thank you Sabai Leela
Have just come back from possibly one of the best massages! Very pleased with the warm welcoming followed by an excellent massage. Had a wonderful therapist that really understood what I needed. After my treatment I enjoyed surprisingly a very tasty detox tea!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! Will definitely recommend the spa to friends and family. I will be back very soon! Thank you Sabai Leela
From my experience, there aren't many things better than an authentic Thai massage and Sabai Leela certainly delivers! I visit the spa every 3-4 weeks and usually rotate treatments between the traditional Thai yoga massage, the combination massage. However, on occasion I choose the deep tissue massage if I really need to recharge my batteries. I haven't tried all the options yet but I can easily recommend those 3. My only tip is to take advantage of the weekday treatment discounts before 1600.
I was very pleased to find Sabai now offering acupuncture treatments. I booked an appointment with Gerard who made me feel very comfortable and gave a great treatment.
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