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At Archipek Architects and Interiors our objective is simple: to provide you with fast, excellent and honest service. We’ll sit with you, agree what you’d like to be done and then go away and do it. Furthermore, we place high priority on the importance of keeping you informed of progress and understand that at no point should you be chasing us for information.

We provide the following Services by CAD Drawings 2D:

  • Residential & Commercial new build

  • Alterations, extensions and conversions

  • Interior Design & Refurbishments

  • Planning Designs & Applications

  • Working Details & Building Regulation Applications

  • Sub contractors information

  • As built drawings

  • Feasibility Studies

  • 3D modeling

First meeting and site assessment.

Choosing an architect is an important decision. The time you spend with your architect will not only be lengthy, but will involve in-depth discussion about your site and the way you use it. For this reason we arrange a 1 hour consultation visit on site, before taking on any new commission.

What can you expect from this first visit?

  • It gives us a chance to see the site and assess the feasibility of any design ideas you may have.

  • It gives you a chance to discuss your ideas with us and to see if we can offer any solutions that you may not have thought of.

  • It allows us to assess the planning implications of your proposals and whether or not the work can be done under permitted development.

  • It allows us to advise you on the structural implications of your proposals and at what stage a structural engineer should get involved.

  • It allows us to advise you on the current building regulations and what must be done in order to comply.

  • It gives you a chance to ask about all likely costs and fees.

When we first visit your site there are many things that we will be looking at while discussing your ideas. While the overall design will be the main topic of discussion, it is our job to be thinking ahead, beyond planning approval, to the practicalities of how things will actually be built.

An appointment letter will be posted to you immediately after this first visit along with our quote










Measured Survey & Outline Design

Depending on the type of work being undertaken, most new commissions will require a full measured survey of your existing property. This survey would be done at your convenience and gives us a thorough understanding of your existing property including: its size and shape, the materials used in its construction and the proximity of any trees and neighbouring buildings. We would also use this opportunity to photograph your property, both inside and out, to aid us in developing your ideas while away from site. These survey notes will be used to produce detailed CAD drawings of your property. A full copy of these will be sent to you for your records upon completion.


Detailed Design & Planning Submission

Once outline design proposals have been agreed, we will begin looking at various aspects of your design in more detail: which materials and finishes should be used, the size position and proportion of doors and windows, the layout of rooms, the means of natural and artificial lighting as well as key construction details. Planning legislation has tightened significantly over the past few years and it is important, now more than ever, to ensure that the details of the design illustrated at planning stage can be realistically implemented once on site.

Once detailed designs have been approved we will begin preparing planning submission drawings. The level and type of information produced at this stage will vary depending on the type of application being made.. Your architect will be very experienced at talking to and dealing with planning officers and as your agent, will liaise with the local authority on your behalf.

Once all the necessary forms have been completed and statements written, we will ask you to send us a cheque, made out to your local planning authority, to cover the planning fee for your application. Once this is received your application will be submitted and a full copy sent to you for your records.

How long will planning approval take?

Planning applications are usually registered within 3-4 days of receipt by your local authority and determined within 8 weeks of registration.


3D Architectural Modelling

Being able to see your proposals in 3D, prior to construction is always very exciting. At Archipek Ltd we offer a full computer modelling service should you wish to see internal or external colour images of your design, prior to submitting for planning approval. We can even bring a laptop to your home and show you what it would be like to walk through your new extension.

These images can be a very useful illustrative tool if speaking to neighbours who have reservations about your proposals and are often included as part of the planning submission documents in order to sell your proposals to council members. They can even be given to your builder to ensure that he knows exactly what you’re expecting to get for your money.


Construction Details and Building Regulations Submission

Once you have received planning permission for your development we can begin looking at construction details. Should you wish to fast-track your project, we are more than happy to begin developing these details, prior to planning approval, at risk. It is worth noting that few developments are exempt from building regulations approval. We will of course advise you of this, should your development fall under this category.

Detailed drawings produced at this stage will serve as a set of instructions for any builder wishing to construct the works. They will provide vast amounts of information including: the size, shape, the type of materials to be used, the method of fixing as well as clearly noted dimensions showing the position of all elements of structure.

It is these detailed drawings, along with detailed specification notes that will be submitted to your local authority for building regulations approval. Approval can take up to 5 weeks, however work can be started within 2 days of notification should you wish to start work on a building notice, rather than await full plans approval.

Information produced at this stage is of sufficient detail to submit to builders for pricing. We would recommend that you allow us to prepare tender submission packs on your behalf to ensure that all prices received are comparable. Once tenders are received we will discuss these with you and help you select the best contractor for the works.



Please contact us on


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for advice or to see same of the project we have been involved in: our team of friendly professionals will be delighted to discuss any requirements you may have.


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