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  • Tuesday 2nd November - Until Thursday 17th August
Speed up the Growth of your Business by Combining Unlimited Calling by Business Cloud Phone System Ringover

In the past marketing campaign was done by placing the ads and waiting for calls of customer service. It was not only time-consuming and there are many chances that you may miss a call or when there is a lot of traffic some of these calls remain unattended.

 So they come up with different tricks to handle many calls at the same time, the receiver may pass on the call to another person manually, in this method much of time is wasted during waiting for the target receiver whom the customer wants to communicate.

Furthermore, on the single landline, they can’t guess or analyze whose call is this as there would be different people responsible for different products. If they call for a specific product it may be for Ricky, but you can’t guess where the call is for Ricky or Robin.

Business cloud phone system:

In this era of technology, it's not as time-consuming and troublesome of receiving many calls at the same system due to the innovation of Ringover, it will enable you to handle all the calls resulting from business campaigns without chances of missing any customer.  

After advertising, there is a need for interactive voice response for better response to the incoming calls of customers, but it requires specific actions and instruction.  There are many situations in which it is very difficult to follow instructions by customers, for example ‘’ if you are calling in response to product X, press 2 now.  The caller may be using handsfree or may have fat fingers, this will either transfer back for inquiry or result in the wrong extension.

Assigning the dedicated number for complete response:

During online shopping when you click on an online ad, all the things have already been set up and being tracked, you have assigned the specific number for doing this with phone response.

The same goes for Ringover, this agency all assigned a very dedicated number to their customers, which is completely different for each client. This will show the emotional attachment of nearness, and probably for inquiry purposes.

Split testing:

You can analyze this systematic approach by using split testing by using different phone numbers, this will set new ranges, with a unique one on every ad. All calls are tracked and generated record at the end of all those calls. This is a very tricky approach and a simple spreadsheet combine different response number with copying message with headline and images. This will be made it easy to analyze.

Ringover is integrated with various support systems CRM, HubSpot, or salesforce, which will generate the report about all the investment and sales. For analyzing the progress made due to the campaign the data recoded from phone calls will ultimately enable you to monitor the effectiveness of your ad.

This is easier for a solopreneur as he is alone in handling all the aspects of business, so handling the customer calls at once will make it very time consuming, so you can use this cloud phone system to work for your ad campaign, so Ringover will take all your responsibility to increase your sale traffic.


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