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Giles is very modest when he says ' we're not a restaurant, we're not a Gastro Pub, we're just a pub that serves food' - A pub that serves it's own home-reared meat is more than a pub that just serves food in my book!
Get to know Guildford's stylish newcomer, the Radisson Hotel, writes freelance journalist Claire Dee.
If you have never ventured to Scandinavia you have missed out on some seriously different and delicious food - if like me you have lived there for a couple of years, you will be experiencing withdrawal symptoms for some of the classic dishes.
They do say that prevention is better than the cure, so I am seriously considering trying to lose a few pounds before the 'festive season' starts so that by the end of Christmas I am kind of back to where I normally am - it's an idea!
'It won't look right.' Granted, a 30lb turkey looks pretty spectacular when brought to the table. But it also looks pretty sad when sitting on the sideboard, some hours after 20 hungry mouths have all done their worst...
Bringing you four spectacular partied themes, all located in the beautiful setting of the garden room which has plenty of room and offers the perfect atmosphere to set the mood. Catering for up to 130 people.
If you fancy a really decent cup of coffee (and I mean really decent .. forget Starbucks etc!) in the Guildford area, then make the journey to Platform 1, Farncombe Station - you don't have to catch a train.
All games kicking off after 6am will be shown line! All important games will be replayed later on that day The Abinger Hatch is wired for four 42" Plasma so .. easy viewing whereever you are! Pick up a credit card sized fixtiure list
Contrary to popular belief the original Paella never contained either seafood or chicken – that’s just how we like it these days. Paella was a popular peasant dish made in Spain by people living off the land – the main ingredients were Snail and Rabbit
You can order three different cuts of meat in three different weights - it's 'proper' locally sourced prime grade beef cooked expertly by Wild Garlic's experienced chefs in relaxed, friendly surrounding at the top of the high street.
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