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Based at the Royal Surrey County Hospital in Guildford, GUTS is one of the leading bowel cancer charities and charitable organisations in the UK, and aims to improve the survival rate of people with bowel cancer in the South of England through early detection of the disease.


GUTS - fighting bowel cancer


Founded by Professor Chris Marks in 1983, GUTS has raised more than £3 million and screened over 50,000 at risk patients from its base at Guildford's Royal Surrey Hospital.


The charity's aim is to improve the survival rate of people in the South of England with bowel cancer and ultimately, save lives, by raising awareness of the disease, supporting screening programmes and family cancer clinics and funding research into the prevention and treatment of the common cancer.


However, GUTS relies on the support of donations from the general public to provide essential services to the community and continue their fight against bowel cancer.




GUTS funds a wide range of services, programmes and research, including:


· A Family Colorectal Cancer Clinic (FCCC), which provides advice and screening to individuals with a high risk of developing the disease

· Research into new ways of detecting and treating bowel cancer

· Projects including a Da Vinci Surgical Robot and Genetic Analyser

· The distribution of more than 50,000 faecal occult blood testing kits to individuals across the South of England

· Research publications in medical journals


About bowel cancer


Bowel cancer is the third most common cancer and the second biggest killer in the UK, claiming over 16,000 lives every year. However, regular screening can reduce the risk of dying by 16%, with early detection resulting in people being cured with surgery.


Lend your support


There are lots of ways that you can get involved and help raise money for GUTS:


· Fundraise for the charity

· Fundraise at school or work

· Take part in a fundraising event

· Donate goods

· Volunteer at the charity

· Leave a legacy

· Become part of the exclusive GUTS 200 Club lottery

· Give in celebration

· Donate in memory


Please remember to mention The Best of Guildford when contacting GUTS.

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