DoLittle Pet Supplies Ltd
  • Sutton Green Garden Centre,
    GU4 7QB
DoLittle Pet Supplies Ltd is a regional pet care and supplies company in Guildford that offers the best pet services and accessories.

59b6732bc6a711569900155bDoLittle Pet Supplies Ltd is a regional pet care and supplies company in Guildford, currently operating in three locations. Do Little are renowned specialists whose aim is to make the job of looking after pets much easier for their clients. With stores in Ashtead, Fetcham and Sutton Green, DoLittle Pet Supplies Ltd offer the best pet services in Guildford.

DoLittle Pet Supplies Ltd shops offer pet food and accessories and will have them delivered to the client’s doorstep for a very minimal fee. Do Little has a comprehensive range of products for the clients to choose from in store, and stocks are all from leading brands of pet food and accessories. Clients can walk in the store to purchase their favourite pet goodies or you can order any goods online and have them delivered to you. In the case that the client’s favourite brands may not be in stock, Do Little will make an order for you and ensure that they are delivered right on time.

DoLittle Pet Supplies Ltd also offers other pet services such as dog grooming, small animal boarding, pond maintenance, pet sales and expert advice on nutrition and animal husbandry.

DoLittle have excellent grooming facilities in Sutton Green where both small and large pets are taken through a general health check, ear and eye cleaning and clipping, by highly qualified and experienced pet groomers. They also offer spacious, secure and well-designed accommodation for small pets such as guinea pigs, caged birds among others, where they take care of their client’s pets any time they are away.

DoLittle have the best and cutest pets for the clients to choose from and buy at their Sutton Green store. These include Bearded dragons, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Rabbits, Lovebirds, and Zebra Finches among others.

With 7 years’ experience in the Pet services business, DoLittle offers the best services in the sector. They are known for their reliability and expert knowledge on pet care and services. DoLittle Pet Supplies Ltd have a passion for what they do and clients are guaranteed an exceptional service with a smile. DoLittle staff are always jovial and humorous and will go the extra mile to give their clients and their pets the best experience at their stores.

Founded by Gareth Thomas in 2010, when he offered to collect dog food for a neighbour in very bad snowy weather, DoLittle Pet Supplies Ltd targets middle and upmarket clients with a busy lifestyle and looking for a genuine and reliable service for their pets. Today, DoLittle has grown into a renowned pet care specialist with its clients preferring them for their expert knowledge, exceptional service, and reliability.

Contact DoLittle Pet Supplies Ltd for all your pet care services or visit their stores for the best pet care services in Guildford.

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