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I would highly recommend a visit to Herm Island - it is a very unique and friendly place.
Step into another world. It is but a short voyage away. Take the Trident ferry from St Peterport in Guernsey and a mere twenty minutes later, your boat will be pulling alongside a tiny harbour. Stepping onto this will be the start of your adventure. You are on Herm Island. If you are lucky enough to be staying on the island, you will either take the gate to the magnificent White House Hotel, or you will be spending some time in one of the splendid holiday cottages or maybe even the Seagull campsite. Otherwise you will be here for a day trip, and you will find so much to do. There is an aroma in the air. It is the fresh and heady scent of Herm Island in full bloom, which it seems to be for a major part of the year. There are lots of ways to explore the island. You might start by taking the path alongside Fisherman’s Beach and with sea views across to Guernsey on your left and pasture land reaching up to a view of Manor Village on your left. Very soon you will be on the Common, with full views of the Neolithic menhirs or standing stones, dating from 2,500 BC. Or continue on to the North Beach (Moussoniere Beach) and walk its length. It may be that you only have the seagulls and oyster catchers for company, an awesome experience. Whether you walk the Common or Moussoniere, you will arrive at the famous Shell Beach, a shell-collector’s paradise. Here, in the season, the kiosk sells ice creams, sandwiches, cakes, teas, coffees and other soft drinks; this is a marvellous place to stop for some refreshment whilst enjoying views across the water to Sark and in the distance Alderney. To further enjoy the views, you can now walk around the cliff path to Belvoir Bay; this will only take you around ten minutes. Belvoir Bay is probably the most sought-after beach on the island, great for swimming or a family day, and yet another outlet with refreshments. Now you have a choice. You can either walk up the steep hill to Manor Village and visit the small but historic St Tugual’s Chapel and again enjoy incredible views. A weekly Sunday service is held at the Chapel during the season. It is non-denominational and all visitors are welcome. Or if you feel really energetic and up for the challenge, take the path around the south cliff back to Rosaire Steps and Harbour Village. You will want to stop and savour the panoramic vista on the view. The tranquillity is just outstanding. Before making your way back to the Hotel or catching the Trident back to Guernsey, you must visit the Mermaid Tavern. This friendly pub with its sun-drenched courtyard offers a range of beverages and also provides an extensive and interesting menu of home-cooked food during the lunchtimes and evenings. There is something for everybody on Herm, whatever your age. And it is likely you will come back if you can, because people do. Holiday makers return to Herm year after year and local Guernsey folk treat it as their short-break or day-trip island. For some, the rich and expansive history of Herm (an amazing legacy for such a small island) is what draws them back – because there is always something new to see, something fresh to learn. A number of books about Herm are available in the well-stocked gift shops, which themselves are a draw for Christmas shoppers looking for quirky and unusual gifts in December. Wherever else you travel in the world, you will also book-mark Herm Island for another visit.
We had the best week staying in Herm for New Year. Cosy cottage, wild and windy walking on beaches, cliffs and commons, and great company. It was also wonderful value - pretty much cheaper than staying at home!
A wonderful peaceful place of charm, history and beauty. I have never forgotten my visit and yearn to escape there again - it has an atmosphere all its own. And the food is amazing!
Guernsey`s paradise island,there`s no need to fly to the Carribean as there`s no were better than Herm on a fine day.
Herm is a paradise island just a short hop from the Southampton . Once there you can forget about clocks , you watch the tide , walk around the island catching one beautiful view after another . You can really rest here and will fall under the Herm spell. An ice cream why not . A refreshing drink with some lovely food. Plenty of options about accommodation camping or self catering or if you are lucky the White House Hotel . So beautiful I feel so lucky to have found it .
There are simply no words to describe the relaxing and therapeutic effect Herm has on you, as you set foot on the island.
The Staff are all friendly, helpful and welcoming. The views around the island are fabulous. The beaches are clean and safe. I take my children and mother in law to herm every year and everyone enjoys it, As it's relaxing for the mother in law then safe and fun for the kids down on the beach.
The perfect place to get away from it all. Herm Island is a perfect unspoilt getaway to unwind and relax. No traffic, nice beaches and common land, fantastic gift shop, hotel and pub. Self catering and camping great.
Herm has a piece of everyone's heart, guests, residents and staff. It is the most beatiful little Island in the British Iles. You can do as much or little as you fancy, take a long stroll accros the cliff paths or read your book in peace on one of the stunning beaches. Only a small boat ride away from Guernsey if you fancy a litte retail therapy. Once you have stepped onto Herm you will want to come back year on year.
Herm is the most beautiful, peaceful and friendly Island i have ever had the pleasure of working and living on. The residents make every effort to maintain this little paradise and its very high standards of care towards their guests. I have always been made to feel welcome on Herm and while relaxing on one of it's 4 beautiful beaches, you really could be anywhere in the world. For anyone looking for an idealic piece of tranquility Herm is definately the place for you. From singles to families, all will enjoy this perfect little place, that I am lucky to now call home.
I love everything about Herm, having worked, lived and visited since 1998. It's been a while since I've been back for a visit and I hope to spend Christmas there this year or next year to show my family what true paradise is like. Everything is perfect and natural and beautiful, and the people are certainly the nicest I've met, anywhere. I still have friends all over the world that I met on Herm. And I love the puffin trips! It was the best "job" I ever had when I worked at the White House Hotel from 1998 through to 2002. Can't wait to come back for a visit x
Have been to Herm on numerous occasions. Had the joy of staying for a week October 2014 with my family for half term all I can say is Wow paradise on our doorstep accommodation was great stayed in the log cabins staff where helpful and weather was amazing bbq on beach and even swimming. Beautiful walks what more could you want.
Herm is a truly beautiful island; the beaches alone are as good - if not better - than anywhere you'd find in France or Spain. The walk up to the top of the island is a little gruelling - but totally worth it for the views!
We spent this Christmas in a cabin with dogs and it was brilliant, friendly with loads of walks and beautiful scenery Highly recommended even for a Christmas Day swim
Was in two minds whether to do this, as torn between saying how wonderful Herm is and keeping it a secret! So, where to start - Herm is literally a small piece of paradise on earth. I have been coming for over 30 years, first as a child with my parents, now still with them with the addition of husband and two children. It is a place of uniqueness - it's own special smells - the 'hot herm' smell of damp heather with hot sun on it, the smell of the hotel reception when you walk in which has not changed in all the years I have been, it is the place where my girls (14 and 11) have apps on their ipods/phones which start a countdown to the next years holiday from the day we leave, the place that we stand at the front of the trident on the way over eager to get the first proper look at the beginning of the holiday and stand quietly at the back on the way home not wanting to lose sight of it. It is the only place where on the daily walk around the island (always the same way round - cliffs first, stopping for a drink and ice cream at Belvoir, then the decision of 'up and over' or 'all the way') the youngest daughter HAS to be the leader all the way round. It is the place, where on the last holiday when the island was up for sale I broke down during the singing of For All In Peril on the Sea at the weekly church service not knowing who was going to buy it and if we would be back again. Thank goodness we were back two years later, to find the essence the island had not changed and only improvements had happened. It is the place my father goes to in his mind when he cannot sleep - and tries to walk round, remembering each twist and turn and all the different glorious views. It is the place I spent a summer season working in the hotel, where my eldest and her best friend are planning on working after school and where the youngest is planning on getting married (have started saving!) Herm has been part of my life for so long and I can not imagine not going. The hotel has gone from strength to strength over the years - gone are the days in the 70's/80's of holes in the ceilings, frequent power cuts (although a holiday wasn't complete without at least one day in the hotel, rain pouring outside, fires lit and candles burning!), waiting for supplies to come over on a thursday because the there was only one flavour of ice cream left. Although I think that the demise of the annual custard pie competition may have been a good thing! Herm is simply the most wonderful place on Earth and is definitely this family's 'Most Loved Business'!
Herm Island is a stunning place to stay the staff make you feel like family, this is a place families come back to for years. Relaxed atmosphere
I have been to herm island 4 times now and have never been disappointed. The island is gorgeous and so safe, the staff are lovely and you are always made to feel at home.
Wonderful beaches, beautiful walks and a fantastic welcome. An opportunity to get away from absolutely everything and indulge.
An absolute gem in the British Isles. I fell in love with Herm Island the first time I went there. So pleased to leave in Guernsey now as I can visit whenever I want. Even in winter, this island is magical! I will highly recommend a visit !
3 miles off theChannel Island of Guernsey lies Herm, a very special, small and beautiful location,offering surprisingly varied vacation facilities. It boasts a charming and very friendly hotel, the White House offering 4 star facilities and accommodation inclusive of excellent food and excellent 4 course evening meals. Additionally the island offers well appointed apartments, 2 shops, 2 Camp sites,beautiful sandy beaches with beach cafes,cliff walks and well kept gardens. Reached by Frequent Trident ferries from St Peter Port the island offers exceptional opportunities for a peacefulmrelaxingholidaywhich my family have always enjoyed for several years.Ther are no cars on the island and the hotel boasts no television or clocks.further information on Herm is available on the island brochure obtainable from tel. 01481 750000
This is true paradise,just love the place. The atmosphere is just so relaxing and amazing to finish the day with a cheeky beer in the tavern.
My husband discovered Herm about eight years ago & treated me to a couple of nights at the White House Hotel for my birthday. I fell in love with this beautiful little Island & every time we leave, have to be dragged off it!!. In this busy, fast moving world, it's wonderful to know that there is somewhere still that you can go to just stop & get away. Stunning beaches, beautiful coastal paths and no traffic or crowds. The White House Hotel is just like coming home to us now, wonderful staff,nothing is too much trouble & the food & extensive wine list are stunning!. In fact, we love Herm SO much that we were lucky enough to be able to get married there last September, which was simply a dream come true!. An amazing day, as we knew it would be & Herm worked it's magic on our family and friends, many of whom are hoping to return this year after falling in love with it as well. It's one stunning little island!.
Herm is magical. The beaches are beautiful and the views from the cliffs magnificent. I always recommend this little gem wherever I go. A hotel stay is a real treat, especially when the last ferry has left and you feel the island belongs to you.
Brilliant island. The staff at the White House bend over backwards to make your stay most enjoyable.i Would highly recommend it to anyone. 10/10. Can't wait for my next holiday there!!
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