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ASR Ltd provides asbestos surveys, an asbestos removal service, and can also carry out fungal and mould surveys on your properties.

ASR Limited was the first company to attain 'Control of Asbestos Register Removal and Surveying (CARRS)'. Based in Guernsey, they can conduct surveys to detect if there is asbestos within a property, and then extract any asbestos from the site and dispose of it safely.

Paul Knight, the managing director of ASR Ltd, has been in the building industry for the past two decades. His experiences have shown a need locally for a dedicated asbestos removal service, which led to the creation of ASR Ltd to satisfy this need.

Asbestos / Surveying / Removal

The Dangers Of Asbestos

Asbestos is a silicate material that has long been used for fireproofing, insulation and soundproofing in buildings. In the latter decades of the 20th century the health hazards of inhaling asbestos dust became commonly known, so legislation was introduced to prevent its use in new builds. However, older buildings may still have asbestos within their structure; its safe removal is desirable for the sake of the long term health of those using the building.

How ASR Can Help

ASR Limited's technicians are professionally trained to P402 certification, and the much higher S301 CCP standard, with a minimum of ten years' experience. They are professionally qualified to carefully remove asbestos from a property and convey it for harmless disposal with the highest regard for public safety.

If you suspect that asbestos may exist within a property that you own then you should immediately contact ASR Ltd and contract them to conduct a survey of the property. If asbestos is found during the survey then ASR Ltd can remove it at highly competitive rates.

ASR's Services

ASR Ltd can provide all of the following asbestos related services and surveys:

a) Asbestos management survey

b) Asbestos refurbishment survey

c) Asbestos demolition survey

d) Independent air monitoring & sampling

e) Re-inspection surveys

f) Collection of samples for analysis

g) Non-licensed removal & Notifiable Non-Licensed removal work

h) Notifiable licensed removal work

i) Fungal & Mould surveys (plus sample collection)

j) Asbestos Awareness (Basic Level & Level 2 Task Specific Training)

k) Asbestos Consultancy

l) Thermo plastic  tile removal

m) Cupped screed adhesive removed

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