Choo Choo World-record setting steam locomotive Mallard returns to Grantham
25th July 2013
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This promises to be a great day for Grantham - what a lovely way for our town to celebrate it's awesome history. Even I'm excited & trains really aren't my thing! But this is just one helluva story. This is the Story of Speed!

The Mallard returns to Grantham after a 50 year absence.  The speed record was set just south of Grantham at Stoke Bank; when the A4 Class steam locomotive hit 126mph on 3 July, 1938.

The Mallard goes on show close to Grantham railway station. Big, Bold and Beautiful! The locomotive will leave York - only the second time this has happened in recent years. Mallard will be joined by other fantastic exhibits as part of a free east coast 'Story of Speed'. You will be able to get up close and personal with the steam icon as well as an opp to view a Deltic locomotive - Mallard's high speed diesel successor.

Streamlined racing cars of the 1930s inspired by the Mallard design, examples of Grantham's engineering heritage, vintage bus travel, children's rides, minature train rides will all be part of the event They are also hoping to recreate the carriage interior of the 'Old Gentleman's carriage' on display - the same carriage used in the film The Railway Children.

The town is expecting thousands of visitors so cumon Grantham let's get behind this historic return!

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