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Louise Hudson makes effective social media marketing easy for Grantham businesses What's the world's number one online activity? It's social media.

People now spend more time on Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, You Tube and other social media websites than anything else on the Internet.


Why should this matter to a business in the Grantham area? Well, these people are talking to each other all the time and as well as catching up on the latest gossip, they're doing other things:



  • Recommending local businesses, products and services to each other
  • Looking for great deals and spreading the word when they find one
  • Using links to check out websites they may not have visited before


If you want these people talking about your business and recommending your products and services to others, then Louise Hudson can help.


And the fact is that even if you're not yet tweeting, or connecting with people on Facebook and Linked In, your customers - and potential customers - most definitely are.


Now, if you're already making use of social media to help your business, that's fantastic! But if you're not, then you are missing out. Big time! Whether your business is small or large, an effective social media marketing strategy can help it grow.


How does that work?

By getting you and your brand talked about. By engaging with your existing customers and attracting the attention of new ones.
Many business owners and managers in the Grantham and Newark area agree that "word of mouth" recommendations are the most powerful form of marketing. Well, a well-executed social media strategy is just that - the ultimate word of mouth advertising campaign!


There are so many reasons to use social media marketing:



  • Online conversations about your business - spreading the word about you and your brand
  • Urgency - it's an effective way to communicate and generate results quickly
  • Cost-effectiveness - providing a high-impact marketing campaign for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising
  • Complementary - social media marketing is an effective way to boost the return on your existing advertising and PR activity
  • Raising online awareness - social media marketing can drive more visitors to your website and help improve your search engine rankings
  • Recommendation and referral - most of us would rather choose a company that's been recommended to us by people we trust
  • Insight - social media can give you a clearer understanding of your customers and their reactions


So what's stopping you?

Many business owners say that they're not sure how to go about it. Perhaps they don't have the time or resources, or maybe they think it's complicated and expensive.


Louise Hudson will take care of everything for you.


At an initial, informal meeting, Louise will take time to get to know you and your business and understand what your important goals are. Those things that matter most to you. Then she'll give you a brief of what she can do, based on your objectives and budget. If you then decide to go ahead, Louise will take care of everything for you. That's it - sorted! Effective social media marketing made easy.


Social media marketing is quickly becoming as important as search engine optimisation. Call me, Louise Hudson, today on 07738 232223 to start talking to your new customers.


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Louise Hudson - making social media work for businesses in the Grantham area

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