The Three Secrets to a Successful Investment in Solar Power
17th June 2011
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Solar Photovoltaic Panels on your roof generate electricity and feed any you do not use  into the grid for others to use. But how do you get the best return on your investment? Here are the three key sectets to getting the best return...


You must use a MCS registered installer. If you do every unit of electricity you generate will be worth around 55p to you instead of only around 10p.


 The optimum time to invest is most probably this year (2011-12). 

-  feed in tarriffs are at the highest point they will ever be NOW

- feed in tarriff rate is fixed for 25 years at the time you invest, and index linked from that point 

-  installation prices may drop - but the feed in tarriff is set to drop faster starting with a 10% drop in April 2012

-  the Times calculated that the return on solar PV investments was now around 18.5% in real terms

- the technology is mature now with millions of systems installed worldwide.



Solar panel systems are not like double glazing - your system should be designed by an engineer, not a salesman. One size does not fit all.  He needs to

- optimise use of the roof space

- take into account the condition, orientation and slope of your roof

- produce a proper design tailored to your roof

- produce a tailored cash return forecast for your specific installation

Reputable companies do not need to charge for this.


Systems cost £5,000 to £20,000.

You need to be a homeowner and preferably planning to stay in your home for 7 years or more to see any profit from your investment. Like with a pension annuity, you will never get back the capital - but income is pretty much guaranteed for 25 years and your system will probably return around triple your original investment during that time and save many tonnes of CO2 emission.


The author is Martin Smith BEng ACGI MIEE, director of Mr Electric, Chartered Electrical Engineer and designer of Solar PV systems for Mr Electric.

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