Introducing the business family of Arkal Properties Ltd
25th June 2012
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Hi I'm Janet from Arkal Properties Ltd, This is my first blog on 'the best of Gerrards Cross.' We would like to thank Ann Maree and Becky for all their help and support in setting this up for us. What a great team!

Talking of great teams I'd like to introduce Arkal Properties Ltd to you - run by my husband Alan Bradshaw. He takes great pride in doing a fantastic job for any property related problem you may have. Just give him a call if you want to discuss the ways in which he can help you - estimates are free and he would love to come and meet you to see if he can help in any way.

My eldest son Robert Bradshaw brings all kinds of plumbing, heating and gas safety problems into line with a cheery smile and genuine care and concern for all his clients. I'd love you to meet him if you have any worries on any of those fronts, his company is Newpride Solutions Ltd and he is an important part of our family of businesses.

My youngest son Matthew is expert in all aspects of painting and decorating and would love to meet you to upgrade your current decor inside or outside. He can also advise on redecoration of stained or water damaged areas. His company is called Rosemill Solutions Ltd. He is a friendly and helpful person who always has a smile for all his customers.

I'm Janet, and most often it would be me you would chat to on the telephone in the first instance. I am here to help at all times and am very happy to be of service in any area our family of businesses deals with. Just phone me for a chat and let's see what we can do.

It's nice to meet you all and we very much look forward to doing business with many of you in the future. We will look after you as if you are family as that's the kind of people we are.

Please look out for our regular blogs on all kinds of informative topics that we hope may be of help to you.

Thanks, Janet.

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