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2nd June 2010
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Hello Gerrards Cross!


Let’s get blogging!


My name is Ann Maree Campbell and I hope to meet as many of you as possible in the course of all that goes on in the business and public life of Gerrards Cross. I'm here because I believe that Gerrards Cross is a beautiful place to live and it is a community worth supporting. Gerrards Cross has never had it's own bestof showcase before and so I am hoping to encourage many of you to take a good look at all the hidden gems in Gerrards Cross and foster good community links for the benefit of both public and business members.


Please do join as a public member and communicate your views about your town and the businesses, events and charities that matter to you and that are local to you. It is free to join as a public member and it only takes a minute. We never share any of your data with third parties and we want to offer you the chance to take part in a special project, give the gems in Gerrards Cross a chance to shine! Build your community for your community!


This site is set to become a wonderful showcase for all the best, trusted and respected, local businesses in and around Gerrards Cross. It is a forum for the whole community to have their say in the form of testimonials about local businesses they have used and were delighted with. You can even recommend businesses you think deserve to be on here and I will visit them because of what you tell me about them! Let’s see how quickly we can build this community showcase here in Gerrards Cross, it really is up to you, because the more businesses you recommend the more I will visit and investigate on your behalf! All the businesses here will be chosen and recommended by you! So come on Gerrards Cross, let’s get building!


Please take advantage of the fact that you can add events happening in and around Gerrards Cross that you would love to bring attention to. Do you think people would enjoy attending these events? Let them know when and where they are going on! Just make sure all details are correct for events and please be aware they must be genuine events not advertisements. All events will be moderated and checked for validity.


Do feel free to blog on the site (email Ann Maree at if you would like to do this regularly) or comment on the blogs you will see here, I will be delighted to get some decent local chat going! Speak up and let me know about the things you love about Gerrards Cross and the things you care about locally. Everything on the site is moderated so please remember when you leave a comment, recommendation, blog post or testimonial it will not appear instantly. Give us a few hours and then check to see yourself in print!


I am so looking forward to hearing from as many of you as possible and hope to provide a really great local hub as a positively helpful resource for the friendly community of Gerrards Cross!


I would encourage you to buy locally to keep your local marketplace vibrant and flourishing as if you don't use it, you lose it!


In Gerrards Cross at the moment you are so fortunate there are so many excellent businesses in your local area; you have no need to look further afield for anything you might need. Sadly this is not the case in some other areas in the UK now and here at thebestof we want to do all we can to encourage communities with hearts to keep them beating! We want to help them grow strong! But we can't do it without you, the local population, being willing to participate and take up the challenge to check first if what you want or need is available locally before deciding to look further afield.


If you find a good local business come on to and tell us who they are! Recommend them and when we showcase them give them a testimonial so other local people can see how good they are.


For our part, we at thebestof, will always go on local recommendation when we showcase a local business and proclaim it to be worthy of your attention. We will listen attentitively to your views, comments and recommendations and we will be delighted to chat with you on the blogspot whenever you have time to write us a line or two.


I'm looking forward to spending some time both on and offline with as many of you as possible and watching your local area in and around Gerrards Cross flourish!

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Ann Maree C

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Hi! I'm here because Gerrards Cross is a beautiful place to live and it is a community worth supporting. Make thebestofgerrardscross a really great local hub, it's here for you!

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