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My son has been at Horizon for about 6 months now. He has formed a close bond with his helper and has thrived with the 1:1 help that he gets to enable him to join in with the various sports and activities on offer. He always looks forward to coming and I am sure benefits from the exercise in terms of his muscle strength etc. I hope that he will stay in the club for some time to come and continue to thrive in his progress. As there appear to be no similar clubs locally we feel incredibly fortunate to be able to access this support.
As parents of two children with learning difficulties, we have been very impressed with the facilities provided by Horizon Sports Club. Both have enjoyed the Gymnastics classes, gaining personal confidence as well as physical benefit. The team of coaching staff are always attentive to their needs and reinforcing good practice with a caring attitude. It has been wonderful to see the children’s development over the years.
My husband and I would like it to be known how much we value the service provided by Horizon. Our son is on the autistic spectrum and has dyspraxia we have attempted to access mainstream sports clubs but there has been a lack of understanding and no one to one help. Horizon has taught our son how to swim which we consider to be an important life skill. He is now attending Horizons tennis club which is helping with the ball skills in which he has always lacked confidence. Horizon has the necessary experience and empathy with these children and the service they give to our son is immeasurable.
As a Trustee of Horizon Sports Club and parent of a 20 year old disabled daughter I am happy to endorse the club which provides sports training for children with disabilities across all spectrums. I can, from more than ten years experience with the club, vouch for the void that is filled in the community by the help and support the club provides to these children from 6 years of age through and beyond adulthood. The children can be seen to improve in mobility and, perhaps more importantly, in their confidence and social skills through mixing with other children and with the volunteer students who provide an invaluable service by providing one to one help to the children as well as gaining experience themselves in working with disability. The club offers Athletics, Gymnastics, Swimming, Tennis and Football and other ad hoc sports, all with professional coaches. The children are taught skills of each sport rather than just "playing". The club is affiliated to the Special Olympics GB (SOGB) and takes part in SOGB athletic meetings around the country. It now has members up to the age of 21 years and continues to help and support them both in sport and socially. They are able to remain members for as long as they wish. The club runs as a Charity and is totally dependent on membership and donations to keep it alive, and the undying devotion and dedication of Anita Templar who had the vision of Horizon many years back and has bought it to reality and strives to maintain its role in the community.
My nephew is now 19, and has been a member of Horizon Sports Club since it was founded by Anita in 1998. He attended gymnastics for the first couple of years, followed by tennis. Once he was at senior school the senior section began and he joined the football class. He also attends Special Olympics competitions, taking part in 100m and shot-put. All of this has helped him enormously with his co-ordination and social skills. He has seen that others have far greater difficulties than he has and he has developed a great sense of fair play.
Dear Andy My daughter Beth has been very fortunate to have attended gym, tennis and now swimming groups with Horizon Sports club. Since she was seven she has been attending a group one evening a week to practice skills but also socialise with children outside of school. Beth has struggled with sport in the school setting , having various special needs, so it has been wonderful to see her enjoying sport. It has also given me a fantastic opportunity to meet families with whom I share something in common and to feel less isolated by the difficulties special needs children inevitably bring. Indeed I have made a couple of lovely friends myself aswell as Beth. I am full of admiration for the way Anita runs these clubs making them very inclusive to all families who have a child with a statement of special needs. I know without a doubt that if it wasn't for Horizon both Beth's life and mine would not have the quality it enjoys . Sport offers such benefits to all members of society but for a child like Beth it can be non existent. It is inspiring to see what can be achieved !
My son has Autistic Spectrum Disorder and has been a member of Horizon Sports Club for many years now. He has had the opportunity to take part in a number of different of sports, which have helped him with his physical co-ordination and his social skills. It has also provided him with a peer group with whom he can enjoy physical activities without feeling inferior. The teamwork skills learned in their Horizon football sessions have forged such close bonds, that this group also meets for social activities such as parties, celebrations and meals out My son has also had the opportunity to take part in competitive athletics competitions with the Special Olympics, which has not only given him the chance to excel at something and win medals, but also to learn to accept defeat with a measure of good grace!
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