Tricia S Stainsby
  • 558 Durham Road
    Low Fell
    Tyne & Wear
    NE9 6HX
Gateshead based Life Coach Tricia S Stainsby is located in Low Fell

Tricia S Stainsby is an accredited Life Coach and operates from her practice in   Low Fell, Gateshead.


Life Coaching is a temporary relationship between two people, the Life Coach and the client. With an absolute commitment from both parties, the Life Coach can give lifestyle assistance and lifestyle advice on methods and techniques for the client to use, to bring balance back into their day to day life


It is the client who decides on the outcomes and goals for Life Coaching and through professional training, knowledge, expertise and attention to the coaching relationship, the Life Coach offers a vehicle in which to achieve the desired results


All dimensions of a client's life are dealt with through the Life Coach such as professional, personal, relationships and health issues. As many areas of a person's life are affected by immediate issues, Life Coaching is a holistic process which is totally confidential and non-judgemental


The focus is on what is here and now, and how the client's wishes for the future can become a reality. It is purely a client centred process and because of that, the Life Coach does not instruct the client 


Your Local Gateshead based Life Coach


Tricia has over twenty years experience in Complimentary medicine (for more information look under Hypnotherapy on The Best Of Gateshead). As a Life Coach she focuses on health and well being and because of this many aspects of a client's lifestyle may be touched upon, to include:

  • Diet and exercise
  • Work, career, retirement
  • Living conditions
  • Familly, children, partner relationships


Support can be given when going through the sometimes difficult stages in life such as career change, redundancy, divorce or separation


Tricia believes that "as soon as you believe in yourself and your capabilities, change can happen surprisingly quickly" and it is because of her belief that she is able to help her clients to make necessary adjustments



Life Coaching with Tricia is essential. I got my personal and professional life into focus. I had my dreams and visions. Life Coaching gave me the green light to go out and do it for myself. I changed my life. I changed for the better.

A Richardson, Social Policy Adviser


For an appointment or more information contact Tricia

on (Gateshead) 0191 477 9461 


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