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The Stroke Association, Charitable Organisation based in Gateshead

Every five minutes someone in the United Kingdom has a stroke. Alarming but true! Can you give, or do you need help or information regarding strokes. Perhaps someone very close to you or someone you know has had a stroke


The Stroke Association

is a charitable organisation and has a base right here in Gateshead


Roughly one million people live with the devastating effects of stroke in the United Kingdom alone. More than three times as many women die of stroke than of breast cancer and yet for every £50 spent on cancer research, only £1 is spent on stroke research


As a charitable organisation, The Stroke Association is campaigning hard to change this disparity in the medical charity world. As a Gateshead resident you could help to support our worthy cause as a volunteer or by giving a charitable donation


The Stroke Association is the only national charitable organisation in the UK who is solely concerned with helping everyone affected by stroke and their care. Today our funds and donations enable us to reach only 27% of the country and thankfully we have a base in Gateshead


Our mission is to prevent strokes and reduce their effects through providing services, campaigning, education and research. Our charitable organisation status allows us to provide two key services: dysphasia support and family support


If you would like more information on how you can help or the services we offer, you can visit our website or email us by following the links above. You can also phone our helpline on 0845 303 3100


For information on Fundraising and Charitable Donations call Gateshead 0191 492 6166


Please mention The Best Of Gateshead when contacting The Stroke Association

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