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Womens Health through Plexus Pink Breast Check Kits in Gateshead

Womens Health Breast Check Kits from Plexus Pink in Gateshead


The Plexus Pink mission statement is "To get a Breast Chek Kit into the hands of every woman in the world"


This inexpensive kit can transform Womens Health and has the power to change and save lives and make the world a happier and healthier place and it's available for £25 here in Gateshead


Breast Cancer is the most common cancer among women and is the primary cause of cancer deaths. It is well researched and documented as one of the major Womens Health issues, with a reported 1 in 8 women diagnosed with Breast Cancer. It kills 400,000 women worldwide a year, a figure that could be drastically reduced through early detection


Approximately 14% of women carry out regular breast self-examination and of these women, more than half carry it out incorrectly. Breast Chek encourages women to routinely carry our a self-examination and teaches them how to do it more thoroughly and effectively


Plexus Pink in Gateshead

Why is the Plexus Pink Breast Chek Aid so crucial to Womens Health?

 Breast Chek is a patented medical device that makes breast examination easier, more effective and efficient and is highly recommended by the medical profession


The womens health Breast Chek Aid by Plexus Pink consists of two layers of polyurethane with a lubricant seal in between. With the aid of the enclosed lubricant, the top layer is able to move freely over the breast tissue. This lubricant also enhances and magnifies any irregularities, so that earlier detection is possible


The Plexus Pink womens health Breast Chek Aid is available here in Gateshead at a cost of £25


For more information on this potentially life saving womens health aid visit our website on the link above or call Karen on 0191 488 0303


When calling Plexus Pink about a womens health Breast Chek Kit please mention The Best Of Gateshead


Plexus Pink - the womens health Breast Chek Aid in Gateshead





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