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Business Support and Networking from Codeworks covering Gateshead and the North East


 Business Support and Networking for businesses in the areas of Digital Media Technology


Are you a Gateshead business working in the field of digital media technology? Codeworks was established in January 2004 to help this industry grow and is a catalyst for innovation and change


Codeworks objective is "to create jobs and wealth for the North East, fostering the growth of the region's digital industries"


Receiving funding and support from One North East, Codeworks takes an integrated approach to the development of this sector through finance for digital businesses, business support and networking and innovation through research and development


Through their Think and a Drink events, Gateshead businesses can keep abreast of new developments, at the same time as networking with like minded people




For Gateshead businesses specialising in computer games development, Codeworks GameHorizon offer more specialised business support and networking  through collaborative projects, targeted promotion and strategic development




Codework Connect focuses on three main areas:

  • Networking and skills
  • Access to finance
  • Business development and marketing


If you are a Gateshead digital media business and would like to know more about how Codeworks can help you with business support and networking, you can visit their website by clicking on the link above. You can also contact Codeworks by email or by calling 0191 556 1122


Please mention The Best Of Gateshead when contacting Codeworks

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