Winter Holidays in the Forest of Dean
13th December 2011
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Why holidays in the Forest of Dean are ideal for a winter break

Why holidays in the Forest of Dean are ideal

Winter is the time of year when you may most wish to escape the rat race and head somewhere for a little bit of well-earned peace and quiet. If this sounds like a dream to you, you'll find holidays in the Forest of Dean will tick all of your boxes.

This part of Gloucestershire is one of the most beautiful areas of the UK, thanks in no small part to the sheer abundance of forest and woodland that can be found here.

Indeed, some patches of wood are ancient and among the oldest in the UK, so as you walk beneath the branches you may appreciate the age and history of the trees you are strolling among.

Walking is one of the most popular activities to enjoy when you visit the Forest of Dean for your holidays. Thanks to so many patches of forest being protected, you will be able to take in plenty of fresh air and countless beautiful views when you head out on two feet to explore.

Best of all, if you are staying in luxury cottages or cabins, you will find you don't have far to travel before you are in the midst of all this scenery - as it will be just on your doorstep.

However, if you are looking to wander a little further, there are some trails that prove particular favourites with walkers.

One is the relatively short route that leads past Mallards Pike Lake and Soudley Ponds. If frost lies on the ground or a blanket of snow has settled, you are sure to be mesmerised by the magical countryside around you, with sparkling white flakes settled on the bare branches of the trees, and the waters completely still and calm.

Another option is the Cannop Valley, where you will be able to walk in the shadow of countless oak trees. Of course, their branches will be bare in the winter but they look no less majestic because of it.

Although a lot of trees in the Forest of Dean shed their leaves once the cold weather arrives, they are balanced out by a significant number of evergreens, so you shouldn't expect your winter walks to be completely devoid of natural colour.

Taking the Sculpture Trail, which was established in 1984 by the Forest of Dean Sculpture Trust, is sure to be a real highlight of your trip.

At 4.5 miles in length, you shouldn't need more than two or three hours to complete this route. However, you may wish to take your time so that you can spend longer admiring the various pieces of art.

Each was inspired by the woodland that they sit in and many are made from natural materials like timber or stone, so they look perfectly at home in their surroundings.

Yet walks in the countryside are not all the Forest of Dean has to offer, and there are also numerous pretty towns and villages dotted around the area for you to visit.

Coleford could make for a particularly good daytrip, as the fact it is designated a conservation area means that many of the buildings here are historical and add an air of times past - which is perfect at Christmas.

Make sure you pick up some mince pies and a bottle of mulled wine to prepare back at your cottage.

As you snuggle up indoors and enjoy your tasty festive treats, you are sure to be glad you chose the Forest of Dean as the destination for your winter escape.


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