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30th June 2008
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Well, here we go then....My first blog!

My name's Paul James and I run this site with my beautiful wife Sharon ( I'm not stupid, she'll be reading this ).......I have spent my entire life in the Forest, first eighteen years in the mighty village of Yorkley, then a few years in Lydney town, and now Bream for the past seventeen years. I have two girls, and three super duper grandchildren. I,m 44......yikes, 45 this year and time is racing faster and faster. My interests include playing drums and more recently guitar & lead vocals in a rock covers band ( more details eclipse.rock-covers ) ....Also a great fan of the greatest football side in the history of this country....yup, you got it, Liverpool FC. Nothing better than a trip to Anfield to watch the reds.

Running a professional marketing company for the Forest of Dean area is a total joy to me, as now I'm shouting out loud something I always thought....LETS KEEP THE WEALTH IN THE AREA! There are even more business gems in the Forest of Dean than I realized, and now its my job to expose as many of them as possible to you, the great people in the area......ok now that sounds like creeping, but I've lived here all my life, so it can't be that bad. Anyway, enough of this first babbly bloggy thingy......just take a look around the site and see what I mean. A truck load of fabulous businesses offering a wide range of products and services and we've taken time to present them to you properly.


Any Ideas for blogs please mail forestofdean@thebestof.co.uk ( oh yeah & I suppose we ought to keep it clean.......groan )

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