Two Gloucestershire villages to be linked by ancient path
5th December 2013
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The three mile (4.8km) long pathway, in the Forest of Dean, was the main route for centuries between Soudley and Blakeney before it became impassable. The Soudley and Blakeney Community Gateway Project will use the People Millions' grant to clear the path. The money will be used to overhaul paths and stiles and repair and replace footbridges over the Forge brook.

The ancient horse drawn tramway requires clearing, repairing and land has slipped away that needs to be strapped up. Once work has been completed the path will be used by locals and visitors who wish to enjoy the beauty of the area.

Reinstating the path will benefit everyone throughout the Soudley Valley and in the two interlinked settlements of Brains Green and Two Bridges. The path will bring with it numerous benefits for both Soudley and Blakeney. It will support and engage the two schools, promote outside learning and encourage walking. The younger people in the isolated village of Soudley will have the opportunity to get out of the village which will stop them feeling 'trapped' It is hoped that delivering this project will not just join the villages physically, but also in terms of building friendships between residents in Soudley and Blakeney by working towards and hopefully achieving the same goal.

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