My Encounter with a Wild Boar !
17th April 2013
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It was 9.20 am today Wednesday 17 April, I had just left a Business Networking Event in Coleford and decided I would take my large black Labrador Sky for her daily walk in a nearby part of our wonderful Forest. About half way around my intended route I was was confronted by a very large Wild Boar who was lying against a tree no more than six feet from me. At first glance I wondered he was injured in some way because it simply didn't move, I sent the dog off further ahead and was thinking about taking a photograph on my phone, I moved away slightly when he suddenly shot to his feet with a lot of noise and apparent irritation, we had clearly woken him from a very deep sleep and he didn't appear awfully happy about it. It was at this point that I realised what a large and powerful creature this was, in physical; terms he was no less than four time the size of my Labrador and his huge power and stature was evident in so many ways. I certainly didn't want him coming in my direction, fortunately after a very brief look at me he decided to charge off deeper into the forest, although remaining in my sight for some seconds. Sky started to chase him (daft dog) but I managed to call her back after a few strides, I think even she thought that she would let this one go!. I was disappointed that I couldn't get an image of him, but the memory of our meeting will stay with me for a long time. Anyway, I'm grateful to have met my Wild Boar who was both Magnificent and a little Scary !. Martin Firman Proud Owner - Best Of Forest of Dean

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