More Snow in the Forest of Dean
6th January 2010
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Snow, snow & more snow!....seems like the whole country is covered in snow and we sure do have our fair share in the Forest of Dean.

It reminds me so much of winters when I was a kid, except these days we are a little more mamby panby about it.

Fair play though it's been bloddy cold and now the snows back again it's like being in the artic....well probably not quite. Looks like we havn't finished with it yet though...more snow forcast!!

Mind you after watching the tv this morning it seems we have got off pretty light compared with other areas. parts of Scotland have had several feet! I can only remember that happening once down here in the Forest...1981 or 2? & that was deep...probably three foot or so.

Had to walk back from Viney Hill to Brockhollands this afternoon, which is a fair few miles, but luckily about half way some friends of mine was out in their 4x4 getting some coal and gave me a lift......was very grateful (cheers Martin & Gina)

Anyway I guess we have this sub zero weather for some to come yet and to be honest I quite like the snowy conditions, although it can be a pain in the jacksy. Schools shut down, chaos on the roads, etc .......never mind, maybe we'll get a decent summer.

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