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13th July 2016
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.... they are a fairly well established design element.  However, there are some dos and don’ts to bear in mind:- 

Get the auto rotate right:

  1. Don’t make them whizz by too fast, give the user a chance to linger on the nice images, maybe even read a heading.
  2. Prioritise the order of your slides, the first will always be most important, the fourth may not get seen by a lot of users.
  3. Pause on mouse hover, give the user the chance to click on any links and disable autorotate on mobile.
  4. If the user clicks on the play controls, stop the auto rotate - they may just be trying to look at something.
  5. Add swipe as well as arrows to control the slider on mobile, users like that on touch screens.

 There are more things you can do too - check out the full list on our website.

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