Dean Estate Agents get bigger and better!
29th January 2010
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I see Dean Estate Agents in Coleford town centre have moved....all the way to next door from where they were before. So you'll still find them easy enough, only now they are bigger and better than they were before.

So what was the reason they moved next door? Simple, next door is bigger and this company is expanding.....oh yes, even during these turbulent times Allan Wasley and his team are moving forward and to be honest I'm not suprised, they sold my house in six weeks back last Autumn and thats quite remarkable given the current finacial climate don't you think?

If you're wondering how this Estate Agent is growing fast at a time when others are cutting back I'll tell you....its simple. They actually really care about their customers and how they conduct their business of which they are really proud of. Basically you get a first class service. and isn't that what we all want? Now couple that with experience and expertise and you have the perfect remedy for success. I wouldn't go anywhere else!

Allan Wasley has a natural passion for local businesses and the local community. I don't know many people who finds so much work for others in his day to day routines. He'll recommend trades and services all around the Forest of Dean and beyond to new people moving into the area, and recently he has co-launched his own business breakfast club "Business First" from which local companies are already benefiting.

Givers gain me thinks




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