Cozy Cats Believe That Your Cat’s Happiness Matters!
15th June 2017
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Cozy Cats Home from Home for cats is a smart modern and dedicated cattery environment in a lovely and peaceful part of the Forest of Dean, close to Ruardean. Customers cats have plenty of room and live in the lap of luxury.


Cozy Cats even provide toys for them to play with, to keep them entertained and settled.

The team at Cozy Cats are cat people, they understand how attached people are to their feline friends and what a wrench it can be leaving them, maybe for a couple of weeks or more, and they want to know that their pet will be given love, care and comfort throughout their stay in the cattery. Cats love their creature comforts and happy cats are those that are well fed, relaxed and stimulated by having toys to play with as and when they wish.


Cozy Cats insist on all cats staying with them being fully vaccinated and adult cats must also have been neutered/spayed.

Cozy Cats will respect and will provide any dietary requirements for individual animals, owners of fussy cats may take their cats preferred food along when delivering them to their temporary home. In addition, should a cat have medication requirements Cozy Cats will deal with them and make sure that the medication is dispensed according to veterinary instructions.


Cozy Cats ensure that every cat has its own spacious pen if there is more than one family cat they will be accommodated together in a larger pen. Up to five cats can be accommodated in one large pen. This ensures the relationship between them is maintained and they can socialise together during their stay.


Cozy Cats can accommodate up to 28 cats at one time, and boarding charges are very competitive, including discounts for more than one cat. There are no hidden costs as Cozy Cats don’t charge extra for Pet Insurance. Cozy Cats has access to their excellent local Veterinary Practice if needed.

Customers wishing to leave their cat/s in the care of Cozy Cats are recommended to visit first and see for themselves how well cared for their cat will be. The next step is to contact Cozy Cats in plenty of time to book the pet in. Because Cozy Cats is so popular with local cat owners they are very busy, so please book early to avoid disappointment.

Cozy Cats is highly recommended by their own customers who have left excellent Five Star reviews.

Cozy Cats Cattery is very highly recommended by The Best of UK, bringing the most trusted local businesses and the community together.

Further details including contact information may be found at:

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