Coleford Car Boot Sale
20th August 2009
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Coleford car boot sale seems as popular now as ever, as I discovered this weekend gone. I hadn't been up there in quite a while until last Sunday, when I took a table and a box of old cd's that I quite frankly never play anymore (ipod rules these days). Still it was sad to see them go all the same.

Truck loads of traders and punters alike....I arrived at 7am (groan) and made my first sale at 7.10, which made me realize you have to be there early if want want first choice of the best items.....which is why when I've gone up there as a punter in the past at say 10 - 11 ish theres not much decent left.

Anyway I took around £110 and was home by 11.15......not bad eh, and actually I quite enjoyed myself (except the getting up early on a sunday bit)


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