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A range of Massage treatments are available at The Sandgate Clinic in Folkestone with Kent's leading Massage Therapists

Massage at The Sandgate Clinic in Folkestone


Massage Therapy at The Sandgate Clinic in Folkestone has many benefits. Firstly massage helps the muscles. The alternate pressure and relaxation massage produces on each fibre causes an increase in circulation. Increased blood flow supply increases nutrition to the muscles bringing fresh oxygen and removing waste products via the lymphatic system. Massage also helps to improve muscle tone which in turn increases elasticity and extensibility of your muscles.


Bones and joints and the circulatory and lymphatic systems also benefit from massage therapy.  The massage effects on bones and joints can improve movement and the increased blood flow accelerates the lymphatic circulation resulting in more waste products, toxins, being removed.


Other benefits of having massage at The Sandgate Clinic in Folkestone include improved skin texture, and either a stimulating or soothing effect on sensory nerve endings, depending on the type of massage manipulation used.


The Sandgate Clinic in Folkestone wish to ensure that your massage therapy does not conflict with other therapies. For this reason massage therapy is only available following a direct referral from one of the Folkestone Clinic's osteopaths. (For details on The Sandgate Clinic Osteopath Service in Folkestone please click here).


Indian Head Massage at The Sandgate Clinic in Folkestone


All Indian Head Massage therapies are geared to you as an individual and aim to bring you back to balanced health.


Indian Head Massage has been around for about 5000 years and is based on the Ayurvedic healing system. This therapy seeks to restore balance to improve the health of an individual.


Many benefits can be obtained through the Indian Head Massage treatments available at Folkestone's Sandgate Clinic. These include:

  • Increased blood flow to head, neck and shoulders
  • Soothing of tired, achy and sore muscles
  • A sense of calm, peace and tranquillity
  • Release of anxiety
  • Stimulation and improved circulation to the scalp
  • Break down of adhesions to release muscles
  • Reduces accumulated stress and tension from the muscles


Hot Stone Therapy at The Sandgate Clinic in Folkestone


Stone massage involves the application of basalt stones to key points on the body. This gives a deep and intense massage. It combines the extremes of temperature proven to be beneficial to the body, making you feel deeply relaxed, allowing you to let go of all your stress. This massage is especially beneficial for muscular aches and pains, stress, tension, insomnia and depression. For the ultimate in pampering this hot stone therapy massage is an amazing experience.


All massage therapies at The Sandgate Clinic in Folkestone are geared to improving balance to your health. If you would like to find out more about massage therapies on offer at The Sandgate Clinic please contact them on

Folkestone (01303) 850077

You can also find out about their acupuncture services by clicking here, and their osteopathic services by clicking here.

If you contact The Sandgate Clinic regarding their Massage Therapies please mention

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