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Chancepixies rehomes dogs in the Folkestone area. This animal welfare society depends on donations to continue their work.

Chancepixies is an animal welfare society based locally to Folkestone. Chancepixies specialise in dog rescue and dog rehoming and relies on local donations to maintain its work.


Chancepixies is an independent non-profit making animal welfare society that is local to Folkestone. This animal welfare society will take in stray dogs, many of whom need extensive medical treatment on arrival. Chancepixies has a non-destruct policy and they will fight for the rescued dogs' rights to life.


Chancepixies is an animal welfare society that specialises in providing:

  • A dogs' home
  • A dogs' sanctuary
  • Dog rescue
  • Dog rehoming services

This animal welfare society believes that every rescued dog can be found a good home but this sometimes take time. During the time they are with Chancepixies, the rescued dogs are given any medical treatment required, are vaccinated, neutered and micro chipped.


Chancepixies then offer a dog rehoming service. All new prospective owners receive a home check and have the opportunity to 'get to know the dog time'. This ensures that the rehoming service for the stray and rescue dogs is successful.


To continue the good work of this animal welfare society, Chancepixies is dependent on the support of local Folkestone and Dover people. You could make a small donation, volunteer as a home assessor and even sponsor a kennel. This will enable Chancepixies to continue to provide a dogs home, offer dogs sanctuary, maintain their dog rescue and dog rehoming services.


You can visit Chancepixies, found between Folkestone and Dover, between 12.00 hours and 16.00 hours Monday to Friday with no appointment necessary. Weekend visits can also be arranged by appointment.

If you can feel you can help support Chancepixies with their animal welfare work, please visit their website for more details, or email them through the links above.

When you contact Chancepixies regarding their animal welfare services, their dog rehoming and dog rescue services, please mention

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