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Reclaiming VAT

01 July 2015 23:00

As you no doubt know if you’re a business owner, as long as you are registered for VAT you can claim VAT back on the purchases you make for your business.

Improving Your Rented Home Without Upsetting Your Landlord

Most people who’ve ever rented a flat have experienced the ‘joy’ of living in an outdated place with less-than-enviable fittings and décor.

The new local teashop opens in North Camp

We welcome the new tea shop in North Camp.

More New Laws for Landlords - Right To Rent

New legislation being phased in means that some landlords will need to check that someone has the right to live in the UK before letting a property to them, or even allowing them to live in the property.

Breathe New Life into an Old Friend

Do you have a treasured piece of upholstered furniture that has seen better days? A well-loved but increasingly-tatty armchair, or a chaise-longue that your Grandma passed on to you perhaps?

7 Ways To Raise Funds For Your Business

In the current economic climate, raising finance can prove a major challenge for your business, especially if you have no existing loans and therefore no contacts or experience in this area.

Accounting for Franchises

30 April 2015 12:17

Franchising is well understood to be a simple way to go into business for the first time.

Repairs When Renting – Who Is Responsible?

An issue that comes up repeatedly with just about any tenancy is that of repairs – what needs repairing, and whose responsibility is it? There’s obviously a balance to be struck. The landlord can’t be expected to send in a decorator every time a slight crack appears in the plasterwork, similarly the tenant shouldn’t be penalised for it when they move out.

Decorating a Nursery

28 April 2015 13:48

Despite what department stores and mother-and-baby magazines might make you believe, babies need very little other their Mummy (on demand, 24 hours a day) for the first few months, so decorating a room for your newborn should be done with the aim simply of satisfy your own nesting instincts.

Self-Assessment Becomes “Your Tax Account”

In the last budget the Chancellor George Osborne said he will scrap the annual self-assessment tax return and replace it with a 'digital tax account' from early 2016.