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Nothing can beat the feeling, warmth and comfort that a real fire gives. We humans have been dependent on fire for survival for most of the last million years, so even now that we have the wonders of central heating there’s still something about a real fire that draws us to it.

Modern wood burning stoves and multi-fuel stoves offer homeowners the charm of a real fire in a cleaner and more-efficient way which helps reduce the ever-rising energy bills, and is better for the environment too.

Sustainably-sourced wood is the ultimate green fuel, as the amount of CO2 released during burning is basically the same as the tree absorbed during its life, ie: it is carbon-neutral, plus it doesn’t take much extra energy to turn a live tree into dry firewood.

Suppliers of wood burners and multifuel stoves in Farnborough

“Fire is the sun unwinding itself from the wood” - Buckminster Fuller, inventor

As the name suggests, wood burners are designed to burn firewood only, while multifuel stoves (which look very much the same) can also burn coal, smokeless fuel or wood pellets. However the term “wood burners” is often used to cover both kinds of stove, as there are only slight differences to the design.

The Wood Burning Stove Shop in Farnborough is a family-run business and is the place in the Aldershot & Farnborough area to see and choose from a wide range of wood burners. The large and stylish showroom really gives a good impression of how a wood burner wood look in your home, and of course the knowledgeable staff can give you all the advice you need to choose a wood burner to suit your house.

Have a virtual look around the Farnborough showroom by taking a 3D interactive tour.

A completely free survey of your home is also offered so that technicalities can be worked out – how large the stove has to be to generate the heat you need, where the flue can be sited etc. From the time that you enquire about your wood burner to the completed installation, The Wood Burning Stove Shop’s engineers will guide and keep you informed at all stages.

The Wood Burning Stove Shop offers:A stylish wood burner from The Wood Burning Stove Shop in Farnborough

  • A free survey of your home or premises
  • Massive range of quality wood burners
  • Traditional and contemporary designs to suit every home
  • Complete installation work undertaken by their own engineers
  • Dedicated after-sales service
  • Spares & accessories

Your new wood burner will be the centrepiece of your home for many years to come. It must look good, emit the heat you need for the room (or even the whole house!), be kind to the environment and of course gentle on your purse.

The Wood Burning Stove Shop supplies stoves from some of Europe’s leading manufacturers, with a wide range of sizes, designs and styles. Whether you have a 400-year-old beamed cottage or a modern town house, you will be able to find a wood burner to suit your home, we guarantee it!

When you visit the extensive showroom in Farnborough you can view some of their range of wood burners in action, from suppliers such as:

Arada Stoves - the UK’s leading stove manufacturer at the forefront of innovations in wood burning and multi fuel stoves for several decades. The highest quality stoves at affordable prices.

ACR Stoves - ACR’s new multifuel stoves are DEFRA approved allowing you to burn wood in smoke controlled areas.

Charnwood Stoves - incorporating the latest clean-burn technologies these stoves not only look great but will heat your home in a very efficient manner.

Franco Belge – a quality manufacturer specialising in wood burners with period designs; their best-selling Montfort and Savoy models are probably most suited to typical British homes.

Mendip Stoves - high quality, well-designed wood burners and multifuel stoves with a wide range of traditional and modern styles.

TermaTech Stoves - a new generation of wood burners that are as beautiful as they are environmentally friendly.

To look after your wood burner (and to "complete the look" of having a real fire in your home!) a range of accessories is available at The Wood Burning Stove Shop, including log racks and baskets, brush sets and ash scoops.


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