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The Financial Management Centre - Farnborough and Farnham is a part of a leading financial management consultancy providing accounting and bookkeeping services to businesses in Aldershot and Farnborough.

Today's business environment presents many challenges and also many opportunities. If you have a clear financial picture of your business, and some expert advice, you can make the most of opportunities which you may not otherwise know existed.

That’s where experienced accountants like The Financial Management Centre can make a huge difference to their clients. It’s not just putting the right numbers in the right boxes for HMRC, although their bookkeepers can do that too if that’s what you need.

Sometimes you need your accountants to be more proactive with their advice, and to be available when you need them, not just "office hours". The Financial Management Centre understand this and will go the extra mile to understand your business, offer insightful advice and be available when you need them.

Business owner Kass Verjee is a fully-qualified chartered accountant and he and his team can provide a range of services for businesses large and small, from a part-time bookkeeper for your new business, to an entire outsourced account department function. Kass can also act as a part-time management accountant or financial controller on a short-term "Pay As You Go" basis if required.

The Financial Management Centre pride themselves on:

  • The quality of their work
  • Their accounting experience
  • Their communication skills and avoidance of jargon
  • Their flexible, affordable services
  • Their availability – there when you need them

Being part of a UK-wide network of highly-qualified and experienced financial management professionals allows The Financial Management Centre to access specialist knowledge and skills when required, providing "big company" talent and expertise to your business without the associated large fees.

Service 1 - The Online Bookkeeper

This innovative service is affordable and highly flexible, combining secure and stable online accounting software with the professional services of The Financial Management Centre.

Either you can do most of the accounting and bookkeeping work yourself using the online system (with the help of Kass and his team when you need it) or you can choose to let them do some or all of the work on the system for you.

Starting at just £15 per month for the software and backed up by 24/7 support, this is a fantastic bookkeeping services affordable for even the smallest business in Aldershot and Farnborough.

Service 2 – The Local Bookkeeper

This service covers bookkeeping, management accounts, credit control, payroll and self assessment tax return services, making it the ‘financial cornerstone’ of your business. You will benefit from regular and up-to-date information provided in a clear and understandable way, giving you the tools to drive your business to success.

All work completed by The Local Bookkeeper service is covered by a money back guarantee [terms and conditions apply].

Service 3 - The Local Accounts Department

A professional accounting and financial management service for ambitious businesses who want to reduce costs by outsourcing their accounting and bookkeeping functions whilst still providing a finance department with qualified and experienced experts.

The Financial Management Centre can also provide talented financial management professionals such as bookkeepers, management accountants and financial controllers on an ad-hoc or short-term contract basis, giving you access to “big firm” expertise normally beyond the reach of smaller businesses.

Accounting Systems Consultancy

Thanks to The Financial Management Centre’s vast experience of accounting and bookkeeping systems, they can offer advice to Aldershot and Farnborough businesses on installing or using their own accounting software and/or enterprise resource planning applications, including Sage, SAP and many others.

Whether you require a new system or training on an existing system, contact The Financial Management Centre for experienced, local assistance.


The Financial Management Centre
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