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With experience in the insurance industry spanning a number of years, Roy Allaway set up Taking Cover in association with Vitality to provide protection for those in the military and their families. We focus purely on protection and believe that in doing so, we can offer you a better, more dedicated service.

Working in association with Vitality (insurance that rewards you for being healthy), we can help you to choose life insurance and serious illness cover so that those who matter most to you will be protected should something happen to you. Vitality's award-winning insurance protects not just your family, it also rewards you for looking after your health.

Why do you need life insurance?

  • Life insurance will give you peace of mind, letting you know that your loved ones will be provided for and won’t have to deal with additional financial stress.
  • It’s simple to set up and will protect the things that mean most to you
  • Our policies will protect you and reward your positive behaviours, even when you don’t make a claim
  • In 2016, 99% of our provider’s policy claims ended in a pay-out

What about serious illness cover?

Roughly half the population will develop some form of cancer (Source: Cancer Research UK).

Unlike other brokers, we offer Serious Illness Cover rather than Critical Illness Cover. This means you’re protected financially for 178 separate conditions; most critical illness policies only cover about a quarter of the conditions Vitality do.

What else is different?

  • Your policy will pay out based on the severity of your condition
  • If you get ill and need to make a claim, you will receive a percentage of your cover based on your condition’s severity; the remainder of the cover remains untouched and is there should you need to make any other claims
  • Vitality cover reflects today’s medical advances, where more people than ever are recovering from serious illnesses.

Vitality offers insurance that rewards you for being healthy; for example, if you stay active, you could get money off activity trackers including Apple Watch Series 3! Staying healthy and active will also help you gain rewards like weekly cinema tickets, discounted gym memberships, half price sports shoes, half price bikes, discounted tickets for family trips and more.

Your premium is based on a range of things, including age, height, weight, health, and whether you’re a smoker.

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