Stone Tiger Ltd
  • Mandora House
    Gallwey Road
    GI11 2PW
Stone Tiger provides credit and debit card readers and e-commerce payment systems to businesses in Hampshire and West Surrey. Central to the company's success are excellent customer service and value for money. If you have card readers already, benchmark our prices: free and no obligation.

Credit / debit card readers & online e- commerce payment systems

Hello, I'm Nigel Harte owner of Stone Tiger. Today most businesses need the ability to take payment for goods and services by card. This makes it a necessary business expense – one that you need to get at the best price and want to have great customer service from. 


Stone Tiger, provides merchant card services to the SME and micro business sectors with very competitive monthly charges and transaction rates. We also provide great customer service anywhere in the UK and if your business is in the Hampshire / Surrey area, it’s even better!

We are a small business ourselves, working exclusively with NetPay, an award-winning payment service provider. We provide customers with face to face, online and over the phone payment services.

Our customers have access to NetPay’s unique “Revolution” platform providing an invaluable near real-time customer transaction analysis and reporting that greatly enhances the experience of taking payments by card.

I like to work with web designers and e-commerce specialists, also accountants who want to save their clients money, working with people they trust.

I'd be delighted to speak to any business whether they need a reader for the first time or just want to see if they are still getting a great deal from their existing provider.

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