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Cedardale Aboricultural Specialists in Fleet’s tree surgery experts covering all aspects of tree surgery and hedging services.

Cedardale Aboricultural Specialists are Fleet’s tree surgery experts covering all aspects of tree surgery and hedging services.

 Cedardale  was set up in 1987 by two Aboricultural specialists trained at Merrist Wood College and is now a steadily growing business with full time employees as well as a professional team of specialist sub contractors.

Tree Surgery Services

  • Crown reduction – useful to create more light where a heavy tree canopy is blocking light to a property or becoming a danger near overhead cables or neighbouring properties. Cedardale uses a range of crown reduction techniques to improve the appearance of the tree while maintaining the tree’s framework.
  • Stump removal – if you’ve already had a tree felled you may well be left with an unsightly tree stump. Unfortunately the remaining stump is still a living tree system that can begin to regrow or become a breeding ground for fungus which can spread to other shrubs and trees. Cedardale can grind stumps to below grown level to restrict future growth and minimise fungal spread.
  • Pollarding – there are occasions when it may be necessary to pollard trees which have either outgrown their space or where pollarding has lapsed. Pollarding is generally carried out every three years to restrict size but professional advice should always be sought. Cedardale employ appropriate Pollarding techniques and are happy to advise whether Pollarding or crown reduction would be best for your trees.
  • Tree removal – major tree works to free up valuable outdoor space or remove dead or oversized trees should always be carried out by an expert. Cedardale carries out tree removal and tree maintenance services for both domestic and commercial clients across the Surrey/Hampshire area and beyond.
  • Hedge trimming – planting, renovating and hedge trimming services can keep domestic and commercial hedging looking its best and provide a haven for birds and wildlife. Cedardale’s staff are fully trained and offer a wide range of clipping and hedge trimming services , including hedge planting and hedge removal.

Cedardale has CheckATrade and Buy With Confidence scheme status and full Public Liability Insurance.

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It’s worth bearing in mind that anyone can set themselves up as a tree surgeon without any formal training. According to the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) nearly 1400 tree surgeons have suffered an injury in the last 10 years relating to chainsaws, falls or being hit by falling trees or branches.


If you’re looking for a qualified tree surgeon for your domestic or business property, it’s important to reduce the potential risks to yourself, your property and your tree surgeons by appointing a properly trained and insured company.

To discuss your tree surgery or hedging requirements in Fleet, Farnborough, Aldershot, Frimley and beyond, or to book a site visit with free written quotation, contact Fleet’s tree surgery experts, Cedardale Aboricultural Specialists.

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