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BNI is an excellent opportunity to meet other business owners and include your business in sharing the business that is passed between the members. You can't afford to miss breakfast!
BNI Fleet provides reliable and worthwhile referrals to our holiday and travel business.
BNI has done wonders for Starlane Insurance. It has grown our local business massively.
As a member of the Fleet chapter of BNI since its inception in 1999 I can honestly say it is one of my best sources of referral business – sale of a business for £2.75m was the plum – but there is more to it than that. If you relish having a list of trusted local business associates to refer yourself and your clients/customers to and with whom you meet on a regular basis when you can discuss your business problems and receive support and advice often on an informal and free basis then like me this is for you. I really look forward to our meetings and a by-product is that it makes you more confident to speak to people about your business whether in groups or as individuals.
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