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Abigail Louise specialises in studio portraits of families, children and babies, taken at her fully equipped studio in Farnborough.

Most families have photos of “the kids” or “Mum with the kids” or “Dad with the kids”, but how many of us have good photographs of the whole family together, looking happy, framed well, with nobody squinting or looking the wrong way… the sort of photos that will be passed onto our children when they’re grown up? Not many. These days most self-taken photos end up as files on computers or phones, never being committed to paper, destined to be lost or forgotten about.

Instead, take the chance now to create a treasured, lasting memento of those precious childhood or family times. Abi specialises in children and family portraits, and in particular photographing newborn babies during their first few days, uniquely capturing those fleeting moments which are all too easily forgotten.

Abi’s style is informal and friendly, encouraging her subjects to be natural and bringing out their character using props or favourite toys. She injects interest into her photography with unusual camera angles and the techniques that professional photographers know that elevate their work way above the snapshots you and I can generally take.

At the studio Abi can also offer the option of a very experienced professional make-up artist with a background in weddings and editorial work

Abigail Louise Photography also makes recording your family memories more affordable; a one-hour photography session at her studio costs just £45 and includes two 10” x 8” prints, which must be the best-value professional photography around. You can then buy other prints and canvasses also at very low prices:

Digital Prints

6 x 4
7 x 5
8 x 6
10 x 8
12 x 8
16 x 12
18 x 12

Mini Trios



Canvas Prints

10 x 8
10 x 10
16 x 16
16 x 20
20 x 20
20 x 24
20 x 30
24 x 30
30 x 40 


  • All sizes in inches
  • Prices subject to change without notice

Ultimately you will come away from Abigail’s studio with photographs you will absolutely adore - long-lasting images of a special time in your life, whether it’s a new baby, your growing family, a memento of a special occasion, or just you and your partner being together.

As well as children and family portraits Abigail is happy to consider location shoots, and has done quite a number including:

  • School parties and events - Abi recently photographed the leavers’ ball at Farnborough Hill Girls School, taking her portable studio equipment and lots of props which the students (and teachers!) really had fun with, and which resulted in fantastic and memorable photos
  • Private parties for adults or children
  • Pre-prom shoots covering the “getting ready” period so important to youngsters
  • Charity events

You can also arrange a photo shoot with Abigail as a thoughtful gift - please call to enquire.

Abigail Louise Photography
Farnborough, Hampshire

07766 142853

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