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Pat Frampton
  • Deep Dene
    Wood Road
    GU9 0PQ
Pat Frampton, a massage therapist based in Farnham, is an Authorised Independent Distributor of Ecoflow plc. She supplies their range of magnotherapy products.
''The number of people who firmly believe they have gained pain and symptom relief with BIOFLOW magnets just seems to grow and grow'' 

Therapist Pat Frampton personally discovered the benefits of Magnotherapy three years ago with the trial of a BIOFLOW magnetic bracelet. As massage therapist in her Farnham practice, she was finding that her hands, shoulders and back were aching uncomfortably after giving long treatments to clients. Wearing a BIOFLOW magnetic bracelet changed all that! She can work all day as a therapist with no aches or pains and still have plenty of energy to enjoy life, thanks to her magnetic bracelet.
Pat has a growing range of customers who use magnetic devices for aches and pains,sports injuries and fatigue. They also buy magnetic collars and magnetic pads for their pets.
As an Authorised independent Distributor of Ecoflow plc. magnotherapy products, based in Farnham, Pat can offer:

  • BIOFLOW- a unique range of magnotherapy products to suit any age or budget.
  • 90 Day "Satisfaction or Refund" policy on magnotherapy products
  • Ecoflow Magnets - Magnets For People & Magnets for Animals
  • Class 1 Medical Device
  • Bioflow Magnotherapy Unique 'Central Reverse Polarity'™ Technology
  • Central Reverse Polarity™ - Designed to Mimic a Pulsed Magnetic Field
  • Comprehensive Guarantees

Bioflow Magnets - Patented Magnotherapy by ECOFLOW BIOFLOW - used in an independent clinical trial into hip and knee osteoarthritus pain. Study funded by the Arthritus Research Campaign published in the British Medical Journal Dec. 2004 '' found evidence of a beneficial effect'' 

Not all Magnets are the Same. Be sure You Wear the Genuine BIOFLOW Magnets - Available from Farnham's ECOFLOW Independent Distributor, Pat Frampton.
For more information on magnotherapy products
please contact
Pat Frampton's Therapy Practice
on Farnham 01252 725399
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