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Adam's Holistic Healthcare offers a full range of Massage and Reiki treatments, specialising in treating pain, throughout Farnham and the Surrey/Hampshire borders.


Adam's Holistic Healthcare was started by Adam Buttery to provide massage and holistic healing services in Farnham and across the Surrey/Hants/Berks borders.

Adam's Holistic Healthcare currently provide the following massage therapies throughout the Farnham area:- 

  • Therapeutic Massage - promotes relaxation of the mind and body
  • Remedial Massage - addresses problems arising as a result of poor posture, injury, etc
  • Sports Massage - used to relieve the effects of over-use or abuse of muscles from sporting activities
  • Pregnancy Massage - helps ease the body from the strains of carrying a baby, and encourages the body's systems to work properly
  • Reiki Healing - can treat mental, physical, emotional and spiritual problems

Massage has been known in various forms since Chinese times and was historically considered a pre-requisite for maintaining good health.

Swedish Massage originated in the early 19th century and our massages are based on Swedish Massage

Reiki (rei = universal, ki = energy) is a relatively new therapy and consists of the therapist chanelling this universal energy to stimulate or balance the main energy centres (chakras) of the body. It doesn't require body contact so is suitable for many people who are excluded from massage.

Massage and Reiki can be used separately or combined to provide very powerful treatments on all levels.

Alternatively, spoil yourself with a massage treatment to help ease the stresses and strains of modern living.

Adam is happy to talk you through the details of your massage treatment and to discuss any particular issues you need to address.
Adam is
fully qualified, fully insured
and home visits in Farnham are possible.
He looks forward to meeting you soon!

Whether you are looking for holistic health services to relieve the effects of sports abuse or pregnancy, or you wish to spoil yourself with a massage treatment to ease the stresses of everyday life,

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