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Who doesn't want it? Wide hips and a narrow waist is what everyone (most) dreams of. With patience and a lot of motivation you get your dream body that you always dreamed of.

A no in the way , but you can also live up to it naturally. And for further details, visit over our website.

By now you know that we are going for the 4th body type, The sand walking figure that is almost the same as the pear figure. You know a sand walk figure by these characteristics:

1. The hips are almost as wide as the shoulders.

2. A clear, narrow waist

3. Breasts are often wider than the waist

What Best waist trainer want to say before I share all my experiences and tips with you, Fat, thin, no curves or everyone is unique and be proud of your body. This is not a post to push you, I share my own experiences and tips with the girls who want to reach a sand walking figure. At the end I would like to share a few tips to fake a sand-run figure!

My experiences

I myself have always had hips, not too wide and not too narrow, And a waist well I did not really mind that you are surprised. In elementary school I was very insecure about my body, I wanted everything flat so I always hid it with very loose clothing. What I now very much regret, Your opinion and requirements change as you get older. I now have the body I dreamed about since the 1st class! I like to share the tips and tricks I applied for this effect. And yes I already had some curves but not the curves that you like could say "you."

Exercises for wider hips

Your hips are formed by the boats that are built in that area. There are people who have boats that are wider. As you know you have muscles everywhere in your body and also at the hips. The only thing you can do to get wider hips (of course) is to train those muscles. You get the fastest effect by training with weights.


We all know the squat, you squat down and you come up again. Make sure you don't put on tight leggings while training your hips! You can combine this with weights said Best waist trainer.

2. Side Kick

The Side Kicks is a good exercise for your hips because the exercise specifically trains your hips. The picture below shows how you can best perform the exercise.

3. Laying Hip Abduction

This exercise is the most popular when it comes to training the hips and your waist! You lie on the floor and lift 1 leg up and down again. You can combine this exercise with weights and you can also do it while standing.

Tips and tricks for a narrow waist

Anyone can get a narrow waist, without or with exercises. Without exercises you will have to lose some weight, and you lose weight everywhere and not at a specific body part. 

1. Eat smaller meals

2. Drink 8 glasses of water a day

3. Try cheating a maximum of once a week

You can combine these tips with exercises if you want to see a faster result!

1. Bicycle Crunch

This exercise is very good for your legs, stomach and especially your waist

2. Side Lunge with a leg raise 

This exercise is very good for your Best waist trainer and also for your hips 

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