The Rainbow Centre for Conductive Education
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The Rainbow Centre is a Fareham based charitable organisation helping children affected by cerebral palsy and other similar conditions to overcome their difficulties.

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The Rainbow Centre for Conductive Education
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The Rainbow Centre of Fareham is a charity which helps children with motor impairment learn to overcome their difficulties using a system of learning called Conductive Education.

To find us, visit our website and download the directions (as a pdf).

What is motor impairment and how can Conductive Education help?

Motor impairment is a difficulty with movements controlled by the central nervous system. The most common cause of this is cerebral palsy, which is caused by a lack of oxygen to the brain, either during the delivery, or after the birth.

Motor impairment also happens in children with spina bifida, dyspraxia and in adults with MS, Parkinsons and after a stroke.

The Rainbow Centre in Fareham is the only charity in the area to provide Conductive Education to these children to help them to overcome the difficulties they experience because of their condition.

Conductive Education is a unified system of rehabilitation which can provide the following benefits:

  • Improved mobility and therefore greater independence
  • Greater self-esteem
  • More physical stamina
  • Better development of muscles and bones
  • Better social and verbal skills.

The principles of Conductive Education

Conductive Education was developed in Hungary in 1945 - and it approaches motor disability from an educational perspective rather than a medical or paramedical one.

The Rainbow Centre in Fareham provides Conductive Education to all young children who might benefit from it in the form of parent and child groups or individual sessions.
If you think your child could benefit from the work of this charity, call us on Fareham 01329 289500 or visit our website for more information.

As a charitable organisation, The Rainbow Centre in Fareham focuses on the total development of children and adults, helping them with the integration and development of motor, intellectual, social and academic skills.

In short, the charity encourages children and adults to master their environment, rather than adapt the environment to meet their needs.

As a Fareham based charity, The Rainbow Centre relies on donations and fundraising to raise almost £400,000 each year. Please visit the website to find out how to make a donation or help with fundraising.

How can I help The Rainbow Centre in Fareham with their charity fundraising and donations?

There are a number of ways that you can get involved. We actively encourage companies and individuals to work with us and raise the funds we need to continue our work with children who have cerebral palsy or other motor impairments.

  • Recycling - help us raise money by recycling your old mobile phones, toner cartridges, paper and postage stamps.
  • Make a donation - make a donation to The Rainbow Centre via our website or through the justgiving website. Our charity number is 1096603.
  • Get involved with our charity fundraising events. All future events are listed on our website.

Corporate involvement
Help a charitable organisation, raise your profile and enjoy a sporting or social event too!

Getting involved with a charity such as The Rainbow Centre in Fareham can help your employees with personal development and team building - and it can also help your marketing and PR activities.

Your recycling can help us to raise funds and help the environment - and with our superb range of events and activities available, we can form a mutually beneficial partnership.

Why not think about making The Rainbow Centre your charity of the year - or how about organising a sponsored event? It's a great way to raise money, improve your profile AND boost the morale of your team. It's not just about making a donation - it's about working in partnership to provide tangible benefits to both our charity and your company.

Visit our website to see how YOU and your company can get involved with this Fareham based charity.

The Rainbow Centre is a charitable organisation which is not supported by funding from health, education or social services. Visit our website or call us on Fareham 01329 289500 to see how you can help with our fundraising activities and get involved!

The Best Of Fareham
Charitable Organisation
The Rainbow Centre
Fareham 01329 289500

The Rainbow Centre - a charity helping children with cerebral palsy and other motor impairments learn to cope with their difficulties using Conductive Education.

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