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I have now lost over 4 stone on the Lighter Life Programme. If you are serious about losing weight, if your happiness depends on your weight and if you want the tools to help you to keep the weight off, then Lighter Life is for you. Ten years ago, I put on stones of weight and I tried all of the other diets - even went to the gym daily five days a week, nothing changed it, I couldnt shift the weight. I was astonished that even going to the gym so much wouldnt shift it! With Lighter Life, not only do you lose weight, but you make life changes, you boost your metabolism in such a way that you lose weight quickly, safely and effectively, which is something that the gym or other diets could never give.
I remember going along to Ginaʼs introductory session and couldnt beleive my eyes. It just seemed way to good to be true. I went ahead - willing to try anything to shift the weight I had put on over the years. My first day at group, I felt so emotional, felt like crying I couldnt beleive it was going to happen. And there we were all of us in the group looking around at each other feeling the same way.
Week one went past, 7 pounds was lost! Month one went past, Wow what a transformation already!
If you are looking to lose weight, you need to contact Gina! She has helped so many over weight people with helping them to get back on track, live a much more healthier , happier and more confident lifestyle with the tools to succeed in the long term!! The people you meet here are also in the same position and you can make friends for life, I know I did.

You CAN do it!!! LighterLife is Truly Amazing! I wasted so many years trying other ways to lose weight! Dont WASTE another minute! Call Gina Today!

Give your family a surprise at Christmas! I cant wait to see all of the people I havent seen in a year, this christmas!!

I am so overwelmed with confidence, happiness that I Thank Gina and the girls at Lighter Life for their continued support as without them I would certainly not have been able to do it.

I have not had a chance to say it before so:-

Thanks Gina!!

Much love
Simone x
Extremely good weight loss system. Would highly recommend it.
The pounds just melt away! The councelling is the key to its success and Gina Bates is excellant at this. I would thouroughly recomment LighterLife to anyone.
LighterLife is a unique programme that means losing weight is achievable and that your goal weight can be maintained. The continuous support programme is key to personal success but it is undoubtedly Ginaʼs gentle approach together with her listening skills that results in so many success stories. I have always found Gina to be extremely professional and understanding, her confidentiality is unquestionable and her own experiences always come through in how she relates to clients. I thoroughly recommend LighterLife to anyone who has struggled with weight loss - you can do it with LighterLife.
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