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Multiheat, long established in North Devon, offering a great range of Infra-red heating solutions and can despatch heaters all over the UK


We are based in North Devon. We work online and by phone and can despatch heaters all over the UK

Specialists in Infrared heating since 2007, they have been at the forefront of the introduction of this new technology to the UK market. Based in North Devon, Multiheat work online and by phone with you to supply energy efficient electric heating anywhere in the UK. They are always happy to answer your questions and provide advice on heating your building.

Infrared heating is the new revolutionary way to heat your home or business; Multiheat’s energy efficient electric heating panels are fully controllable to your needs and have a low energy use to help lower your heating costs. Heaters can also be run from the energy supplied from solar PV installations. Infrared energy – just like that from the sun – warms people and objects directly rather than just heating the air, creating a comfortable all round warmth and warm thermal mass of the building, the air is warmed as a secondary effect from all those warmed objects!

The Multiheat specialist team will guide you through all you need to know about infrared heating panels whether it is for one room or the whole building, with experience in heating all sorts of different situations from homes, extensions, loft conversions, and home office to large modern offices, hotels, function rooms, therapy and hot yoga studios.

Infrared heating panels are the new efficient way to heat your home and business by saving energy and money. Infrared energy warms people and objects directly rather than just the air to create a warm thermal mass to generate all-round comfortable warmth from very little energy. Heating panels are easy to hang on the wall in one room, or can be installed in the whole building to achieve fully controllable central heating, installation by any qualified electrician.

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