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Merstow Green Funeral Home in Evesham is a family run funeral director which is owned and run by Philip Tomlins who has been in this caring undertakers service for many years in Evesham.You can leave all of the detail of funeral arrangements to Philip Tomlins and his caring staff.

The loss of a loved one is an emotional, traumatic and distressing time for anyone. It is also a time where arrangements and difficult decisions need to be made.

Merstow Green Funeral Home can provide you with caring support whilst helping you with guidance and decision making. Merstow Green Understands that even the smallest decision and task can be so very difficult at this time, and it is easy to get overwhelmed. The Staff at Merstow Green are highly Skilled and on time 24 hours a day to provide you with support if required to help you in your time of loss.

As a long established Funeral Director, Philip Tomlins and his staff are the most dedicated team you could want. They provide meticulous attention to detail with the utmost professionalism, courtesy, politeness and respect. Philip is committed to making this time the easiest and worry free, and is strives to provide the highest levels of berevement care in the Vale of Evesham.


Merstow Green's services include:

  • Chapel of rest - We welcome visitors into our Chapel of Rest, Please contact us to arrange appointments
  • Press Announcements - We can help you compile and insert announcements of death and acknowledgements into local papers
  • Floral Tributes - We can if required assist in ordering floral tributes, and assist in recording the card messages
  • Donations - In lieu of flowers many people prefer to ask for charitable donations in memory of the deceased, we can help you acknowledge these for you.
  • Service Sheets - Personalised Orders of Service can be provided with readings and hymns, these can be personalised to have significance to the deceased
  • Music - Many people now ask for recorded music to be played at a funeral either instead of or in addition to the traditional hymns. We can provide more information on this upon request.
  • Coffin Bearers - Family members often ask to bear the coffin, our staff can give advice about this and help where necessary.
  • Green Funerals - Green funerals can mean different things to different people, for some it can be sustainable coffin materials, and some it is the burial in an area that will return to woodland. We can provide advice on a Green Funeral if requested.
For More information on any of the above, please visit Merstow Green Funeral Home's website or give the team a call.
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